Subject: Oh ... I'm getting inundated ...
From: Veronica
Date: 29/10/13 12:43 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

... with people putting themselves forward for Ministerial Portfolios on Forvik.

(Although ... I must say ... I haven't had any applications for Royal Engineers)

I already have the following Ministers in the Cabinet (*):

1. First Minister (Stuart Hill)

2. Minister of Foreign Affairs (Foreign Minister) (Danny Bamping)

3. Minister of Aerospace (Chris Tyrie) ($)
(* One day I may unlock the door, and let them out)

($ In case you didn't know, we intend to establish a Forvegian Moon Base by the 3rd quarter of the year 2563, via our rocket , "FREE ZE 1",  which is under construction - at a top secret location - in the Australian outback. Details here: )

The Portfolios that have been applied for are:

1. Minister of Fat Bastards

2. Minister of Silly Walks

3. Minister of Internal Affairs

4. Minster of Sexual Affairs (I have someone in mind for that post ... yes ... YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE ...!)

You do have to be Forvegians! This is a requirement! We can't possibly have FOREIGNERS ruling Forvik ... it's against our Constitution.

And all Ministerial appointments have to be ratified by The Ting.

HRH The Good Queen Veronica The First Of Forvik xxx
PS Those interested in becoming Forvegians, or visiting Forvik, should read our Guide Book here: (some of it is true)