Subject: Advertisement (?)
From: Veronica
Date: 29/10/13 6:51 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

(From Chris)

On the 1st of November 2013, it will have been exactly 20 years since Her Majesty gave up sovereignty over the people of the British Isles as the Maastricht Treaty came into effect. On that day certain rights and obligations were extinguished for both Her Majesty and the Majesty's former subjects, with the effect that certain rights and obligations were created. On the 1st of November 2013 these obligations, if unchallenged before then, will continue in perpetuity, and the rights will become unchallengable.

Amongst these rights, a central right must be that since Her Majesty rejects our requests to act as sovereign, sovereignty must remain with those requesting that Her Majesty perform this role. This leads to a rather divisive place as, having no common sovereign, the break up of the people of the Great Britain becomes a dangerous reality.

Though there are many who will no doubt insist - quite lawfully - upon keeping this personal sovereignty which has fallen to them due to the unwillingness of Her Majesty to continue in this role [my ears are burning], there are significantly more who, quite unaware of the repercussions of the Maastricht Treaty (let alone what a treaty is, anyway) who are in danger of giving up their sovereignty for ignorance of what sovereignty is.

The suggestion is to recommend that we set about finding a suitable Majesty willing to fill this role (*), who will exercise the sovereignty confided in them justly, wisely and in perpetuity.

(* John Harris has actually done that, hasn't he?)

Further details

It's a steady little number, and pays well (considering it is very much 'part-time'), coming (as it does) with 6-Star accommodation, and 'a special tax arrangement'.

All transport, uniform (including bling) are provided ... FREE OF CHARGE!

Above average holiday leave, with your choice of destination (this includes family, friends, etc) - all FREE OF CHARGE.

If you are a bit stuck - getting about - don't fret because we'll build you a fucking boat, barge or whatever - all FREE OF CHARGE (just say what you want  - leave it us!)

We do, of course, realise, that this is a very prominant and important position. And it carries a certain, shall we say: "Good excuse ... to chuck other people's money about ... like there's no tomorrow"? But - DO NOT WORRY - YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO THIS - and no fucker will complain.

There are many more perks.

These can be explained in detail - after your successful appointment.

Details above.

Please put your application in writing asap, and send it to Lord Rothschild (for his personal attention), and send a courtesy copy to the Archbishop of Cunterbury (keep him in the loop).