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As a number of you may know, I am The Good Queen Veronica of Forvik, and have been for a number of years.

Forvik is a small Island, located within the Shetland Isles, but has been established as an Independent Sovereign Nation ... fully under Common Law jurisdiction solely (so I am actually unable to have people executed on my say-so. But, since I'm not a reptile, that actually doesn't bother me).

Stuart Hill is my Acting First Minister.

Danny Bamping (on this list) is my Acting Foreign Minister.

(Oh ... by the way, I'm only the Acting Queen ... until we get The Ting sorted out)

Forvik would have been the first to help the recent whistleblowers Julian Assange & Edward Snowden, except for the fact that our runway is too short: (my Acting First Minister omitted to point out that we don't actually have an airport yet, either. In fact, in 2-and-a-half acres, we don't have enough space for anything larger than a small Heliport)

However, this is all very serious stuff (albeit treated in a light-hearted manner), because - although Scotland thinks it rules the Shetlands, it has simply plucked that idea OUT OF ITS COLLECTIVE ARSEHOLE!!!!

At the end of the day, Scotland's claim to the Shetland Islands rests on ONE magazine article, in which the author of that article 'said so'. All the documentation Stuart has collected from ancient records says EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE ... that, in fact, the entire Shetland Isles NEVER COULD have become a part of Scotland. Ultimately, a 'default ownership' of the Shetlands would have been 'Norway'.

Stuart has spend 12 days in jail over this issue, only to be eventually released 'without any further actions taken against him'. From this, he divines that he was, actually right, and that 'They' realised that they were 'stumped' for any further action. (Actually my Acting First Minister & I came very close to Declaring War against Scotland, over that issue. It was a very testing time. Shades of the 13-day Kennedy-Kruschev Cuban Missile Crisis)

So Stuart has put all of this information into a book, which he explains below in the latest Forvegian Newsletter.

There are Forvik Nationals from all over the world. How does one become a Forvik National? Go to the website, and apply for Nationality. Everyone (who believes in Freedom) is welcome.


PS His e-mail is signed "YHAGS" which means "Your Humble And Grateful Servant" ... or "Your Humble And Grovelling Servant" ... whichever way he & I want to read it.

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Subject: Your Maj - Forvik New Book.
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The Forvik Newsletter

27 October 2013 - New Forvik Book

Hello Your Maj,

First of all, apologies for not issuing a newsletter for some time.

I've just finished writing my book about how the UK and Scotland derive their alleged authority in Shetland and what I had to do to get them to reveal that they rely on nothing more than a magazine article. That was the evidence the Crown produced in court to help the alleged sheriff reach his decision. He was backed up by four law lords at appeal, so we must accept that this is the official position. My book shows how it would be impossible for Shetland to have legitimately become part of Scotland, so it's no surprise that they clutched at the only available straw.

I'm just waiting for the foreword and expect it to be printed ready for delivery by the end of November. If you want to get an advance pdf copy, there's an earlybird offer at:

Now I have this clarified I am starting to focus on The Sovereign Nation of Shetland. Whereas Forvik has international membership, The Sovereign Nation of Shetland is for Shetland residents only. Each will support the other in the ultimate aim - establishment of a society with rules by which its members wish to live. Whereas Forvik is a virtual community, the Sovereign Nation is a physical one. See more at the temporary website:

The next phase has started with a challenge to the Shetland Islands Council (SIC). First I sent a letter pointing out that, as agents of a foreign power, they have no authority to represent the people of Shetland. In typical fashion they tried to brush me off, saying that they were too busy dealing with day to day affairs to worry about their legitimacy, so I have responded and sent it with this letter. I'm not letting them off the hook and this should develop into a major challenge to the Shetland administration.

I have also re-opened the RBS case (RBS had me in court for over 2 years trying to stop me winding them up). At the final hearing the judge was forced to make up an argument on behalf of the pursuers (impartially of course!) because they had not presented any evidence that Shetland is part of Scotland. I advised the bank's solicitors that all orders in the case are void and that there is now nothing to prevent me proceeding with insolvency action. Should be some fireworks on this one soon.

Once again, apologies for not writing, but I've not been sitting idle!


Let your friends know - forward this on!

Acting First Minister, Stuart: Hill, The Sovereign State of Forvik. 'The man who let Shetland out of the EU': ;-)

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