Subject: Slight correction
From: Veronica
Date: 27/10/13 11:41 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

In my previous e-mail I said that Michael's Appeal ended on the 24th October ... which was wrong ... it ended on the 17th October ...

... not that it makes any difference to the point of the e-mail ... because the Court Order says "26th July".

I attach JPGs of the documents ... so that you can see for yourselves.

Michael was originally told that his Appeal would take place STARTING on the 26th July. But there were a number of Prosecution Witnesses ... which would have run over one day (at the barest minimum) (It took 3 days in Stevenage Magistrates Court)

In June he got a letter saying that it had been postponed until August.

Consequently he did not turn up on the 26th July.

So ... did they convict him in his absence?

If so ... then what was the SIX DAYS of Hearings that DID start in August (ending in October)?

Oh ... it's just a typing mistake!

TWICE???? On two separate documents ... signed by "a Crown Court Official"????

Oh ... the computer is wrong!

Oh ... well ...  how do we know when "the computer is right" ... and when "the computer is wrong"?

Oh ... I know ... "the computer is always right" ... except when it's wrong. (So that's all right, then!)

I wonder if "the computer could be wrong" about Nigel Carder being a designated Court Security Officer, then?

Makes you wonder, dunnit?.