Subject: I've just seen copies of the Court Orders against Michael Doherty
From: Veronica
Date: 27/10/13 11:17 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

There are two:

A. For the £100 Fine ...

... and ...

B. For the £1,500 Costs ...

.... as the result of his 'failed' Appeal in St. Albans Crown Court.

Now, those who attended the so-called 'Hearings' KNOW that they started in August ... and ran through September ... until finally coming to a close on Thursday 24th October ... the day so-called 'Judge' Stephen Warner announced that Michael's Appeal was rejected.

In case anyone has forgotten (or didn't know), Michael's Appeal was originally targeted to START on the 26th July, 2013.

However, this was postponed until August - at the request of the CPS to "set up a Special Prosecutor".

So, we have THREE dates ...

1. 26th July, 2013 (original proposed start date, which was postponed)
2. 21st August, 2013 (actual start date)
3. 24th October, 2013 (final date ... when the Appeal was rejected, the Fine of £100, and Costs of                                     £1,500 were imposed)

Which date, do you think, is on BOTH OF those Court Orders ... as 'Date of Conviction'?

I'll leave you to guess ... see if you CAN 'make it up' ... because I could not!


(Hint: 26th July, 2013 ... which means that Michael's Appeal was - according to those Court Orders ... rejected BEFORE ANY DAY - OF THE SIX-DAY HEARINGS - ACTUALLY TOOK PLACE. C'mon ... admit ... you just could not make it up!)