Subject: Russell Brand .vs. Paxo
From: Veronica
Date: 24/10/13 5:10 pm
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(From Doug)

Doug's Comment:
Excellent 8 minutes of stuffing from Russell Brand - Paxo showed unjustified contempt, because he had nothing else to offer as a challenge to Russell's argument. Why? Because there was no truthful challenge to make!

Another comment was:
"Whatever your opinions of Russell Brand's antics in the past; this interview with Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight might change your mind..."

Brand came as near to 'saying it' as almost anyone else (except Larken Rose, Michael Tellinger ...etc)

Brand is absolutely right. Paxo's paradigm is doomed ... and he can't say he wasn't told ...

It's everywhere ... it's in the air.

You could cut it with a knife.

This is 'Their' last "Hurrah!".

Far too many people now know about the deceptions (mainly due to the Internet, of course). And, probably because of the Internet, "The 100th Monkey Syndrome" is operating on full throttle ... and on steriods.

In 100 years time our descendants will look back at us ... and scratch their heads in wonderment ... at how we could expect to live within the current paradigms. They will view us the same way we view those who thought the Earth was flat.

In fact, the rate it's going, I might reduce that to 50 years.