Subject: Reynolds Reveal Radio Show TONIGHT (23rd October)
From: Veronica
Date: 23/10/13 2:19 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;


About  three weeks ago, Andrew Johnson & I were targeted to appear on Morgan's Radio Show, discussing the Starchild.

That show was cancelled at the very last second (literally) ... by a sort of accident/confusion over whether or not Morgan was up to it ... following a surgical operation he had undergone that day.

It was postponed until tonight. (It would have been last week, but I was in St. Albans)

Towards the end of last week, I received an e-mail from Lloyd Pye telling me that he was doing presentations, in Texas, over the weekend just gone. (I think I probably posted that out on this list).

I therefore pointed out to Morgan & Andrew that having Lloyd on, instead of the two of us, would be far better.

And we all agreed ... but confusion reined ... trying to get in direct touch with Lloyd.

I discovered that Lloyd was due to be in London by this morning (Wednesday), to be picked up at the airport by Belinda McKenzie, and would be staying with her (in Highgate ... as usual).

I spoke to Belinda over the weekend,  and she assured me that (a) She had Skype, and (b) Felt sure that Lloyd could have a nap during the day, and be available for a 10:00pm Interview tonight.

Confusion continued to rein, because we heard nothing since then.

However ... we have now just heard that Lloyd IS in London, and that he IS available to do the Interview himself.

Which is good.

I think that Morgan still has me in mind as a 'second Interviewee' ... along with Lloyd ... and will interview Andrew at a later date about Chemtrails, Mars, vaccinations, Crop Circles, etc.

So, what does this mean?

It means that Morgan WILL be interviewing Lloyd tonight, on that link above, and about the Starchild.

WE HAVE BEEN TOLD THAT LLOYD HAS NEW INFORMATION ... but I don't know what the information is.

I, myself, MAY be involved, I don't know.

It doesn't matter, whether I am or not.

Lloyd is the 'Horses Mouth' ... because it's his Project.

However, it's possible that Morgan MAY wish to talk about 'the further implications' (he's hinted at that).

And - to the best of my knowledge - I don't think Lloyd has thought very much about that ... bearing in mind the intensiveness of being involved with 'the trees' ... rather than 'the forest'.

Whereas Morgan knows that I've been thinking about "What this all means to the forest, as a whole". (Morgan is a Ph.D in 'Economics' ... and I pointed out that Aliens don't use 'Economics' ... and they don't 'trade' ... in anything that we might recognise ... certainly not in £Sterling, or $US, etc. Morgan does find this a little intriguing ... bearing in mind that he was a Professor of Economics, at Texas A&M University, at one time. So I kinda pointed out that Morgan's entire career, resting on the works of Ludwig von Mises, was ... err ... 'probably not right'? It's a good job Morgan & I are friends ... because only good friend can get away with saying that sort of thing)

So ... anyway ... I don't know about myself ...

... but Lloyd Pye IS 'on' for tonight at 100:00pm to midnight ... via that link above (AND has 'more information').

And ... I'll definitely be listening ... anyway.

PS Obviously, since this has all be so much up in the air, until right at this moment, I've not been able to post out anything about it. I'm talking to, and apologising to, those who are very interested in The Starchild Project.