Subject: Genuine debate.
From: Veronica
Date: 19/10/13 9:24 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

He probably won’t remember me, but I ‘slightly’ know Richard Grove, the Chairman in this excellent debate between Larken Rose & Tom Willcuts:

A bit lengthy, but well worth watching. Because the best arguments that the ‘other side’ can raise, are put by Lawyer Tom Willcuts.

Larken’s main ‘plank’ is – as always - the fundamental Truth: “No-one has ever, or will ever, be able to delegate a Right that they, themselves, don’t have in the first place. And ‘authority’ assumes that this assignment is possible, such that a group of Human Beings can end up with fundamental Rights that the rest of us don’t have”.

Consequently the “Right to do, what ‘authorities’ do … has been plucked out of their backsides” … and is, therefore, thoroughly ILLEGITIMATE and IMMORAL from the ‘get-go’.  And that goes all the way back to Roman times … and even back well beyond that.

I was in contact with Richard, a few times, way back in about 2006. I knew him as Richard Andrew Grove, who worked for Marsh & McLennan, and had an office in the World Trade Centre. He had discovered – what amounted to – massive fraud going on, and was preparing to blow the whistle on it all.

He had set up a meeting with colleagues, in his office, for first thing on 11th September, 2001. As he drove to work, in his open-topped sports car, he was stuck in traffic (due to the 9/11 events). He said (at the time) that he could see a large hole in the WTC Tower, where his office had been.

I asked him if he had seen a plane hit the Tower. He replied: “That’s the funny thing … no … I didn’t see any plane”.

The next thing I recall, is hearing him relate his whistle blowing evidence on Maria Heller’s Radio Show.

I’m over the moon to find Richard still alive, well, chairing that YouTube video (and creating others, along with his websites), and … MOST IMPORTANTLY … bearing in mind his “Securities” background  - having a complete grasp of Larken Rose’s point of view.

This means that even the die-hard 'monetarists' can 'see the light'.