Subject: HMCTS
From: Veronica
Date: 18/10/13 7:01 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

In a previous e-mail, I attached a report I'd written, called "Is this what Parliament envisioned?".

In it, I used the acronym "HMCTS", and I've been asked to explain what that means.

For those who don't know, "HMCTS" means "Her Majesty's Courts & Tribunal Service" ... formerly "HMCS" ("Her Majesty's Courts Service") ... which are a part of (*) the Ministry of Justice.

* "Sub-franchises of" or, if you like, smaller CORPORATIONS, trading at a profit, under the umbrella CORPORATION/Parent Company "Ministry of Injustice". (That's not an analogy. That's actually what it is. They are all "Companies trading at a profit" ... on a par with Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury's, Esso. etc.)

For further detail, I can also remark ... referring back to the Constitutional Reform Act (aka "Statutory bollox") 2005 ... many of the so-called "powers" of the Lord Chancellor were re-assigned to the Ministry of Injustice (among other "Agencies").

However, the "power to designate Court Security Officers" was NOT re-assigned.

Ergo ... it was NOT re-assigned to the Ministry of Injustice.

Ergo ... it was NOT re-assigned to Sub-franchise HMCTS.

Ergo ... an HMCTS Identity Badge CANNOT possibly designate a Court Security Officer.


(What an "HMCTS Identity Badge" actually means, is anyone's guess [at the moment]. Certainly no positive information, in this respect, was presented to St. Albans Crown Court during this last week. Certainly nothing that HH ("His Honour"?) Steven Warner [+ a Silent Muppet to his right & to his left] could make any valid judgement on.

MOST PROBABLY it signifies that a Security Guard is licenced by the "SIA" ... Security Industry Authority ... a branch of the Home Office, that manages the Private Security Industry ... under the Private Security Industry Statutory CRAP (i.e. "Act") 2001. Of course, Mitie, the company that employs these Thugs-and-Numpties-in-uniform, is a Private Security firm ... like Securicor, G4S, etc)

All this garbage/mix-up/confusion/no-one knows what they are/who they are/what they can do/what they can't do .... is, of course, EXACTLY what "privatisation" inevitably leads to.

So ...thank you very much Tony B Liar & cronies)