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The latest from Lloyd Pye & the Starchild Project

Apparently Lloyd is responding well to his treatment for cancer, although ... the Project itself was turned into an 'official organisation' last year, which means that the Project itself can now run on (to conclusion *) without EVERYTHING resting on Lloyd's & Amy's shoulders.

(* Enough DNA Testing has now been done to provide, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the Skull is Alien. Now it's just a matter of publishing it, in a professional manner)

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Subject: Free Lectures and Website Goodies
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Free Lectures and Website Goodies

Newsletter October 16th, 2013 


Lloyd Pye, and the Skull owners Ray and Melanie Young, will be at the Border Zone Festival in Presidio, Texas, this weekend. Lloyd will be giving two public lectures at the event, and entry is free!
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What Do You Think?
Try the new Poll on the Starchild Project website, and tell us what you think the Starchild Skull really is. An Alien? An Unknown Hominid? Have your say, but make it count, you only get to vote once!

Take the Poll...

Comparison of a
                                                    human skull with
                                                    hydrocephaly to the
                                                    Starchild Skull.
                                                    Note the normal
                                                    depth of the human
                                                    eye sockets.Why The Starchild Didn't Have Hydrocephaly

We have just added a new page to our website that explains the reasons why we know the Starchild didn't have Hydrocephaly, and therefore can't be dismissed as a human deformity.


Looking for Lloyd?
Just in case you missed it in our last email, Lloyd Pye has been diagnosed with aggressive cancer, but is responding well to treatment and is expected to recover. He is still a valuable and active member of the Starchild Project, however, he will no longer be sending his "Bytes of Pye" emails, which have been replaced by this newsletter. You can change your email preferences using the link at the bottom of this email, and you can keep up to date with Lloyd Pye via his Facebook page.

The Starchild Project is staffed by unpaid volunteers, and research is contracted to independent labs. We appreciate your support, and hope you will share this newsletter with friends and family.

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