Subject: I'm not usually wrong ...
From: Veronica
Date: 17/10/13 5:38 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

… but very happy to be so, in the circumstances.

Michael Doherty was found “Guilty” (I wasn’t wrong about that … none of us were …), but his fine was reduced from £1,000 - dumped on him by Stevenage Magistrates Court - down to £100.

(I thought it would go up … to “teach the jumped-up little scrote a fucking lesson” … even to “a few months ‘inside’ … to really hit home”. So I was wrong about that)

All of this, is (fundamentally) a ‘win’ … because if you actually lose an Appeal, the fine can easily go UP. (To ‘teach you a lesson’ … that being: “ACCEPT YOUR SHIT AND DON’T FUCKING COMPLAIN … HOW FUCKING DARE YOU FUCKING COMPLAIN!!!)

He was also dumped with £1,500 extra costs … on top of the £3,000 dumped on him at Stevenage. That is also a win … in a sense … since it has taken SIX FULL DAYS OF CROWN COURT HEARINGS to get this far. For (apparently, and effectively) ‘raising a fist at Nigel Carder’ (there has never been a claim that he actually hit Nigel Carder) . In point of fact, the ‘raised arm’ was due holding his Mobile Phone to his ear.

So THREE FULL DAYS at poxy Stevenage pathetic little Magistrates Court/aka Star Chamber:  £1,000 + £3,000

Then SIX FULL DAYS at St. Albans Crown Court: MINUS £900 + £1,500.

So, SIX FULL DAYS at ‘mighty’ St. Albans Crown Court  = ONE HALF THE COST of poxy little Stevenage Star Chamber, and MINUS £900 for the ‘sentence’.

(Any Economist worth their salt would have a field-day working that one out)

Michael doesn’t give a flying fuck about the ‘money’ … never has … because he has no money, and you can’t get blood out of a stone.

It’s ALWAYS been the ‘conviction for assault’ that’s been the problem … because that impacts his credibility for his Private Criminal Prosecutions.

He will be Appealing to the High Court. He has absolutely BUCKETS of evidence against Judge Warner. For example, he has the recording of the Policyman saying that Michael & Matt were barred on Tuesday “… on Judge’s Orders”. He has Warner, on the Court Record, saying “I never said that, and I’m not prepared to discuss it any further Mr. Doherty”. Someone’s lying … I wonder who? A mutton-headed Policyman (“Just doing my job, mate”), with a mutton-headed Mitie Security Guard (“Just doing MY job, mate” … both with nothing to lose by telling the truth … but anyway audio recorded), or a Megalomaniac Judge who thinks everything he says, goes? And can decide on his own recusance?

‘They’ decided that Nigel Carder was a ’credible witness’.

Sample: “Carder  in the Witness Box”

Michael: “Mr Carder, what training did you receive?

Carder: “Well … I … was trained in it all”

Michael: “What, such as a ‘Risk Assessment’?

Carder: “Well … I … errr … I dunno what you mean”

Michael: “Risk Assessment, Mr. Carder. … the assessment of risks

Judge Warner (out of the side of his mouth): “Perhaps you should look at Page 8?”

Carder: “Oh … that? Oh yea … we did all that stuff! I’m sorry … but I don’t understand the Law … I find it hard to read …”

Judge Warner (again out of the side of his mouth): “Don’t we all … sometimes?”

Carder: “… I just get on with the job … yea … I decide on risks an’ that sorta fing …”

Michael: “What, exactly, was the training you received on this aspect, Risk Assessment?

Carder: “Well … I don’t remember. It was years ago. I just get on wiv the job …”

Michael: "You were trained, weren't you Mr Carder?"

Carder: "Oh yes ... I did all of it ... I remember Bury St. Emunds very well ..."

Michael: "Well, tell us what you remember"

Carder: "Well ... as I said ... it's hard to remember ... it was so long ago ... I don't really remember any of it very well"

… and (previous Hearing) …

Dent: “You told Mr. Doherty you were ejecting him from Cambridge Magistrates Court under Section 53 of the Courts Act, is that correct?

Carder: “Yea … that’s right”.

Dent: “Under which particular sub-section?

Carder: “I don’t know what sub-section … I only know ‘Section 53’”

Dent: “Yes, but you must know which specific part of Section 53 you were using

Carder: “Well no … I mean .. I’ve never read it … maybe I should one day …”

Judge Warner: “Does he really need to know?”

Go on … try.

Try to make it up.

Bet you couldn’t.