Subject: What happened today?
From: Veronica
Date: 14/10/13 8:37 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Brief recap for those new to this list:

 (everyone else … stop me if you’ve heard this one)

Michael Doherty has THREE Private Prosecutions ‘on the go’ (i.e. up & running)

1.       A Private CRIMINAL one against a Met. Police Commander’s Secretary … who accused him of harassing her. And signed a Witness Statement saying so. Michael was found “Not guilty” of anything … which means her Statement – signed under penalty of perjury – was, indeed, perjury. She is now being prosecuted for that.


2.       A Private CIVIL one against her boss (at the time) a Met. Police Commander, who wrote a load of defamatory stuff, about Michael, to an MP. This has currently been ‘stayed’, pending a decision (by Michael), to go for a CRIMINAL Prosecution first of all.


3.       A Private CRIMINAL one against the two Met. Policymen who arrested him, without a warrant, threatening to break his door down. After having been questioned in Police Custard,  no charges were brought … because there was nothing to actually charge Michael with.


4.       PERIPHERAL TO ALL OF THIS, due to Michael, The Met. Police are currently ‘investigating’ the Independent (so-called!) Police Complaints Committee (IPCC), particularly the head of the IPCC, Deborah Glass. Meanwhile, the IPCC are currently investigating the Met. Police. (Yes … you’re absolutely right … you couldn’t make this stuff up!). It is highly unlikely that the IPCC and the Met. Police will be exchanging Christmas Cards, in a couple of months time.


5.       On behalf of someone else, Michael went to Cambridge Magistrates Court last August, to lay information for a Private CRIMINAL Prosecution (also against the Met. Policymen).  Michael obviously knew full well he wouldn’t be getting a Christmas Card from Hillingdon/Uxbridge Met. Police … but he was prepared to ‘take that on the chin … and bear it’.


6.       However, when Michael went to Cambridge, they refused to accept the information he tried to lay, and the so-called Court Security Staff booted him out. Subsequently, the so-called “Head of Security” (who did the ‘physical booting’), one Nigel Carder, made a complaint that Michael had assaulted him in the process. This claim is totally untrue. Such CCTV as there is (some is – we think, for various reason – deliberately missing), shows that Carder actually assaulted Michael. (FWIW: Michael subsequently took the same information to Luton Magistrates Court, who accepted it without any problems).


7.       The complaint by Carder led to a Hearing in Stevenage Magistrates Court, during which Michael completely demolished the trumped-up ‘evidence’ of about 11 Witnesses … by virtue of the fact the Michael had switched his Mobile Phone into ‘record mode’, and recorded the actual conversations. From these recordings he was able to show that the Witnesses were all lying their heads off. He showed that he didn’t say anything remotely like the bollox they attributed to him in their Statements … in fact more or less the exact opposite.


8.       Notwithstanding all of that, and the fact that Michael showed


(A) That they had colluded by Copying/Pasting their Witness Statements, and


(B) That the CCTV actually showed Michael as the recipient of the ‘assault’,


 … the totally ‘bent’ Magistrates Bench found Michael guilty, and fined him the maximum (£1,000). This is known as “Stitch-Up-In-Stevenage”.


9.       Michael launched an Appeal against this conviction, which is being heard by Judge Stephen Warner in St. Albans Crown Court. This is ongoing. The Prosecution has re-presented their case, and Closed it. The next stage would (normally) be for Michael to re-present his Defence.


10.   Then finally Judge Stephen Warner would reject Michael’s Appeal. In other words, complete “Stitch-Up-In-Stevenage”, with “Stitch-Up-in-St-Albans”.


11.   But remember: Michael isn’t ‘normal’. First of all, Michael found some Solicitors who SCREAMED to take the case on. So he let them have a go … ALWAYS on the basis that – if they looked like fucking up – Michael would sack them, and carry on himself.


12.   Well, it’s very much looking like that time has now come. There have been (I’ve actually lost count!) about TWO adjournments & resumptions since the Prosecution (CPS) Closed their case. And the current ‘resumption’ has been set for Wednesday 13th (i.e. the day after tomorrow … at the time of writing).


13.   HOWEVER … very late last week, the CPS arranged a Hearing for today (Monday). I attended, along with some of Michael’s local supporters … who I won’t name … in case I inadvertently leave someone out … but some are on this list, and they know who they are. Regular supporters also know them.


14.   Since the Prosecution Closed their case … Michael has found quite a bit of (what we think is) damaging information about this Nigel Carder. We also believe that he is NOT “a designated Court Security Officer” and – since the original charge was that “Michael assaulted a Court Security Officer” – the original change was invalid, and should have been thrown out on those grounds alone.


15.   And all of this was what today’s hastily-arranged Hearing was all about. In an attempt to clear the way for the final “Stitch-Up” on Wednesday.


16.   Well, the upshot was, that ‘today’ went in a certain direction. At the time of writing we are not sure whether it was good or bad. Michael’s immediate re-action was that it was ‘bad’, largely due to the ineffectiveness of his Brief … who was, indeed, not very effective.


17.   What happened is that, TODAY (14th October), the Prosecution (CPS) came forward with SOME OF the information (about Carder) that they should have disclosed by the 24th September. Which was all very well, but it was only SOME OF the information required, and had been dumped on Michael TODAY.  Judge Stephen Warner … now getting pissed off with the delays in rejecting Michael’s Appeal … decided that WEDNESDAY WILL STILL GO AHEAD, AS LISTED. (Even though this only gives Michael two days the review the information thus far received. This, of course, being entirely unfair … but who said British Justice was fair & unbiased?)


18.   However, on Wednesday, Nigel Carder has been summonsed to appear again to be questioned – about the stuff Michael has subsequently found out about him. Michael now knows the whole story about Carder in recent times, and there are THREE incidents – all connected – that (we contend) show Carder to be an outright liar. It is possible the Judge Stephen Warner MAY be beginning to realise that, btw (difficult to say for sure).


19.   Also on Wednesday someone called Dave Robinson will be appearing, in order to be questioned. Robinson works for Mitie (Carder’s employers), and wrote a letter asserting that “He’d checked with another Department, within Mitie, and was assured that Carder WAS a ‘designated Court Security Officer”. But – assertions are not FACTs – and ‘checking with another Department’ is ‘double-hearsay’ … thus NOT EVIDENCE.


20.   What was supplied today, were copies of Training Certificates awarded to Nigel Carder.  Unfortunately AT LEAST ONE of them looks like a forged signature where the Trainer would sign.


21.   But even so, the only evidence, that SHOULD be acceptable, is the ORIGINAL OF a Certificate, issued by the Lord Chancellor’s Office, saying Carder is ‘designated’. Because, according the Statutory bollox, that’s the only way “designation” could occur. And the thought is simple: If THAT document exists, why has it not been presented, in order to stop all the speculation? Once and for all? It’s a bit like “Obama’s Birth Certificate” in microcosm. Similarly the thought runs: The reason why it hasn’t been produced, is BECAUSE IT DOESN’T EXIST.


22.   Anyway, at the time of writing, Wednesday is still ‘on’ … but Michael may very well decide to upset Stephen Warner (even further) by demanding an adjournment.


(a)    Because he’s sacked his Brief, and


(b)   Because he needs time to assess what was presented today … one thing being to get a Handwriting Expert to assess the allegedly-forged signature.


23.   The problem, with Michael, is … you never know. It would NOT surprise me to discover that … between now & Wednesday … he’s found a Handwriting Expert – who is prepared to state that the signature is forged – AND prepared to testify to that, on Wednesday. (Knowing Michael, this would NOT surprise me).

And that’s where it stands … more or less.