Subject: Fwd: ▶ Slavery By Consent ( Full Version) - YouTube
From: Veronica
Date: 11/10/13 12:00 pm
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(From Peter)

An advert for Freeman-on-the-Land:

... with slices of Jordan Maxwell, Robert-Arthur: Menard & Irene-Maus: Gravenhorst (Turtle Creek, Squamish Nation).

(Marred, to some extent, by a chunk for Charlie Veitch and his "Love Police". Sorry ... but I know some of the background to Charlie Veitch, and his associate, Danny Shine).

But, apart from that, pretty good in many ways.

It explains the need for Lawful Rebellion.

And the final message is: "Change yourself ... because that's all you can ever change".

Well worth a "watch" ... although most on this list will know most of it already.