Subject: Jesus Christ
From: Veronica
Date: 10/10/13 6:13 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

The ETs all seem to be saying that Christ actually existed … even though there is nothing … except in the Bible … to suggest that he did. (None of the famous Roman Historians mention him … and they were a pretty conscientious bunch).

It appears that, if he existed, he was a Crystal … an Indigo Child.

“Indigos” are, of course, the same as everyone else.

It’s just they are more aware of the powers we ALL actually possess.

(Autistic savants  are just those, by accident of genetics, able to tap into SOME of these powers).

There is a story that, as a child, Jesus (probable real name Jeshuah, or Jmmanuel) killed another (aggressive) child … with his thoughts. (In other words by simply “Wishing the other child dead”).

And that was the ‘trigger’ that made him realise his powers.

Obviously he resolved never to use these powers like that ever again … although … during the “wilderness time” … and undoubtedly communicating with advanced races … he would have realised that he didn’t really “kill” that child … only in the physical (Ra Material = “chemical”) sense … but not in the Spiritual sense. That the Oversouls (Higher Selves) of child & Jesus had agreed (on a Spiritual Plane) for the child to physically die … and that physical death isn’t the end of anything … it’s actually just the beginning of something else.

(In the same way that Jessica Schab came to realise that, even though she had verbally told her father to die, on a Spiritual Plane she & her father had an agreement, that he would chemically die when she agreed that she would be OK without him. And that’s really why he chemically died)

And so on.

Jesus would undoubtedly have realised all that, which would have cleared the path .. the path that was to come.

It’s also said that, like us, Jesus was an Alien Hybrid … in fact he was just same as any of us.

There are two schools of thought about the Crucifixion.

The first school of thought is that crucifixion doesn’t, necessarily, have to be fatal … if the body is brought down in good time. The story is that Judas brought him down from the cross and, together with Mary Magdelene, and his mother Mary, they nursed him back to good health. They all then set out for India, via Damascus (incognito … obviously … he was supposed to be dead!)

On reaching India, they set up base.

From this base he:

A.      Married Mary Magdelene;

B.      Had quite a few children of his own;

C.      Travelled the world;

D.      Died at the age of 105;

E.       Is buried in a tomb in Kashmir;

F.       His mother’s tomb is also in Kashmir, about 20 miles away;

G.     That there are those - who are descended from him - alive today;

 The other school is essentially the same, except that the Crucifixion was faked by his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea.

Google “Jesus in India” and “The Talmud of Immanuel/Jmmanuel” for all the details.

I find (C), above, interesting - in connection with the words of Blake’s “Jerusalem”:

And did those feet in ancient time.

Walk upon England's mountains green:

And was the holy Lamb of God,

On England's pleasant pastures seen?


And did that Countenance Divine,

Shine forth upon our clouded hills?


Whatever possessed William Blake to write those lyrics? Is there truth about “Jesus travelling the world” … that Blake knew about?  Because … if so … then those words make sense.