Subject: The Ra Material
From: Veronica
Date: 9/10/13 8:30 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Boy … is the Ra Material heavy going!

(For those who may not know) There are probably two ‘respected’ Chanellings:

(a) The Seth Material, in the 1960s (’63 – ’64), and

(b) The Ra Material in the early 1980s (’81-‘83).

I stumbled on to these a few years ago (as one does?), but only took a cursory look at the time.

I’m currently in the process of reading The Ra Material, which can be downloaded, in PDF form, from here:

But … oh boy … is it heavy going!

First of all, the ‘entity’, Ra, is about as precise as it is possible to be. Which (I speak as a Virgo) is a good thing – in many ways – but gets very ‘wearing’ when taken to the limits of the Ra Material.

Examples? Quite a few. Instead of “human body”, “body”, or “physical body” the same is always referred to as “the mind/body/spirit complex”. And although the authors do provide a very long “Foreword”, in Book 1, you still have to kinda-work out (for yourself) quite a lot.

“Distortions” is another word so frequently used it’s quite mind-boggling. After reading pages & pages & pages, I came to the conclusion that it sort-of meant “variations” or “variances”, but (quite probably) “distortions” is the more perfectly-accurate word.

Fundamentally the Ra Material is all about the only Law …  the Law of One. Because everything derives from that Law … as what are called “distortions” e.g. the Law of Free Will, and the Law of Confusion … and so on.

Then, instead of a “name”, what is referred to are “sound complexes”. Which is all very well – because WE KNOW WE ARE NOT OUR NAMES … and that they are, indeed, only “sound complexes” … but it gets very wearying to continually read “the sound complex you use to denote Albert” instead of, simply, “Albert Einstein”.

And so on.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It does purport to explain “How it all started”, “What it all is”, “Who we are”, “What we are”, “Why we are”, “What we are doing here”, and so on.

In excruciating detail.

So excruciating that the easiest thing to do is to “get lost in it all”, and end up with “boggle-eyed-brain-ache”. (“Doctor! Oh Doctor! My bwain hurts!”)

But … it does confirm most (if not all) of what we’ve been told ‘elsewhere’. (In it’s own way).

One aspect that was nice … was – when I heard (elsewhere) we accepted Memory Blockages in order to be incarnated – so we had no idea who/what were actually are … during an incarnation – I thought about that aspect.

And I came to the conclusion, that the “game” would not be a real “game”, if we had any inkling that we could call “fei-nights”-  whenever the going got really tough.

And so it is.

In the Ra Material, Ra uses the analogy of a game of Poker, and points out that such a game is impossible - if all Players can see each other cards.

Yes … I must admit I’m only half way though, but I’ve already read enough to know that everything I thought I knew is confirmed.

Even to the fact that the Illuminati are providing us with the SERVICE of “maximum limitation”.

But there is a corollary. The corollary is that we spend FAR TOO MUCH TIME worrying about these aspects … what the Ra Material calls “transients”. (I call it “toxic fear porn”). The test being “Will it be a consideration in 100,000 years time?”. If the answer is “Yes”, then it is NOT transient, and thus it is an IMPORTANT consideration.

If the answer is “No”, then it’s a transient consideration, and TOTALLY UNimportant, in REALITY.

For example, the constant pre-occupation with the “evil Illuminati”, and their Puppets, etc. Which results, for many, in a constant and almost unswerving pre-occupation. Also known as “Kerry Cassidy’s torment”, of course. (”Oh … you’re so butch, Cassidy! Now … hop along …“).  The irony is that all Kerry would have to do would be to listen to what her Interviewees actually say to her. (I leave Bill Ryan out of this, because he appears to be slightly more “open”).

I can’t go into too much detail, because there’s so much of it. But one of the fundamentals is that we have to get to grasp with “infinity”. Because All That Is … is infinite. And, therefore, until we understand “infinity”, we won’t be able to understand All That Is … and if we don’t understand All That Is, we can’t possibly understand our own bit of All That Is.

Thus, without going into too much further detail, the Ra Material describes everything as “Densities”. The 1st Density is plant life and minerals, rocks, crystals, etc. The 2nd Density is animal life, the 3rd, 4th, 5th are (fundamentally) Homo Sapiens Sapiens (physical) … the 6th moves into the pure spirit of the 7th. The 8th (and above) a mystery even to Ra.

The progression through these Densities is ‘evolution’ … and it’s done by reincarnating at a higher Density … and that’s determined by the amount of Spiritual Awakening that occurred during an incarnation.

We are currently 3rd Density, moving into 4th (as we’ve been told everywhere else you look). The Earth is a living entity (again, as we’ve been told), and moving from 3rd to 4th (yet again, as we’ve been told).

Those who stay in 3rd Density (because they have not created sufficient Spiritual Awakening)  will reincarnate on some other 3rd Density planet. Those who move into 4th Density (because they HAVE started on the path of Spiritual Awakening) will be able to carry on incarnating on 4thDensity Earth.

The Ra Material does go on, at quite some length, about Wanderers. These are entities, from the higher Densities (usually 5th and 6th) who have chosen to re-incarnate in 3rd or 4th, in order to assist as many as they can. On the basis that it’s a temporary measure. It’s a dangerous game the Wanderers play (I resist the temptation to make a pun involving "Wolverhampton"). Because Wanderers have to accept the Memory Blockages of all 3rd/4th Density incarnates. And so, if they fail to remember who/what they were, they can get stuck in 3rd “gear” (Density).

One final thing.

To be “Positively Polarised”, in Spirit, is to have the outlook of “Service to Others”.

To be “Negatively Polarised”, in Spirit, is to have the outlook of “Service to Self” (selfishness) which is associated closely with “Dominion over Others”.

Neither outlook really matters for Spiritual Awakening … although it’s much harder to move up a Density if one is Negatively Polarised (because the bar to jump over is much higher).

And the reason why neither outlook really matters, is because “Service to Others” and “Service to Self” … eventually turn out to be the same thing in the end. Because We Are All One. That’s the Law of One. All those polarisations are … are just ways of getting to the same place … the only One place there is … eventually.

So, that’s another reason for not witch-hunting all the sicko-psychos. They are just doing the job they were asked to do, which suited their Negative-Polarised Spirituality, but – in the end – they’ll get to the same place as everyone else.

They’ll take the high road, and I’ll  take the low road, and I’ll be in Scotland before them. (La-de-dah!)

If you want to know more, you’ll have to read it yourself. Good luck!