Subject: Double-Think/Single-Think
From: Veronica
Date: 7/10/13 2:10 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

So much of what I read contains so much Double-Think, it’s fundamentally overwhelming.

What is Double-Think? As George Orwell (Eric-Arthur: of the family Blair) described it, in his seminal book 1984, it is: “The ability to hold two CONTRADICTORY ideas in the same mind, at the same time, and slide each one to the fore, as maybe necessary, in order to VEHEMENTLY argue that it’s The Truth”.

As Eric-Arthur: also said: “Even the idea of Double-Think implies some amount of Double-Think”.

What a brilliant man he was!

So what is it? How do you spot it?

Well, the vast majority of it is –generally speaking - very, very, subtle. It’s the meat & drink of Political Parties (of course), and Advertisers (of course), and (also of course) the Mainstream Media.  And so on … Politicians, Judges, Magistrates, Court Clerks, Lawyers, Solicitors, Barristers, Policymen, Bayleafs … and – of course – EVERYONE who puts themselves forwards a s some kind of “Leader”.

Obviously Double-Think also includes what is called “Spin” … but “Spin” is not the entire definition of Double-Think … there’s much more to it than just plain old “Spin”.

You want some examples? So that you understand what I’m actually talking about?

Oh … that’s fair enough.

Well first of all it’s important to stick RIGIDLY to FUNDAMENTAL FACTS.


So … let start with one FUNDAMENTAL FACT: Jet Engines burn Jet Fuel. That’s how they work.

Are we OK so far?

Now the ‘Official Government’ (aka Bush-Cheney-9/11 Omission bollox) Conspiracy Theory for 9/11 says: The Planes hit the buildings AND WERE VAPOURISED BY THE JET FUEL. That being the reason why there was no ‘plane wreckage of any substantial amount’.

Do you see any contradiction there?

If you don’t, then I’m wasting my time talking to you.

If you do, then you understand Double-Think. And you also understand how to apply it: Stick to a FUNDAMENTAL FACT … and measure everything else against it. If you do that, you’ll find the 90% of what you read, of the e-mails you get, or see on the Goggle-Box, contains pure, unadulterated, Double-Think.

Now, here’s a test: OK, so Jet Fuel could not possibly have ‘vaporised the planes’! Single-Think determines that much. So … WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM? TO THE PLANES, AA11(*) & UA175? WHY WAS THERE NO ‘SUBSTANTIAL PLANE WRECKAGE’ … apart from LITERALLY ONE OR TWO odd bits & pieces (which didn't tie in with the 'planes as specified')? (WARNING! STAY IN SINGLE-THINK. Remember the Laws of Physics! Don’t stray from the Laws of Physics! 'Coz The Laws of Nature are REAL Laws ... Laws that justify their labelling as such!)

Now, here's another FUNDAMENTAL FACT: In any given situation, there is only ONE Truth. Anything other than that One Truth, is fiction (in Veronica's World: "bollox").

(* I'll provide you with some background information about AA11. Which should give you an enormous hint. THERE IS NO RECORD OF FLIGHT AA11 TAKING OFF, ON SEPTEMBER 11TH, 2001. Remember the Laws of Physics!)