Subject: Court Security Officers
From: Veronica
Date: 4/10/13 9:29 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Let’s get this quite clear.

If approached by one of these THUGS-in-a-uniform … who THINK they are a Court Security Officer, and THINK they can manhandle you out of a Court Building …

… then they are nothing but some THUG …

… who would be guilty of ASSAULT if they touched you …

… and COMMON ASSAULT if they approached you in a THREATENING MANNER …

… and, thus perfectly ‘prosecutable’, via a Private Criminal Prosecution …



Something they would need to be able to PROVE … with documentation.

The simple fact that they ‘work for Mitie’ … as an employee … is IRRELEVANT.

(Because it looks as though Mitie forgot all about this aspect ... in their clamour for the almighty £)

In order to be ‘designated’, they will have to had training in the following aspects:


(a) the duties and powers of a court security officer;

(b) risk assessment;

(c) safe working practices;

(d) managing stress when dealing with threatening situations;

(e) techniques for restraining a person and removing them from a building.

And, you’ll note:

(a) further training in any of the matters mentioned in paragraph (1);

(b) training in any other matter which the Lord Chancellor determines,

They will have to have PASSED TESTS subsequent to each Training Schedule.

All of this will be a DOCUMENTED RECORD on their CV.

So … if approached … as I’ve explained … ask them to produce their CV, in order to show their ‘designation’. Point out that, if they can’t do that, they can be ‘had up’ for assault ... if they touch you ... and they will have no defence by claiming "the powers of a Court Security Officer" ... because they aren't one.

This aspect will be one of the ‘essences’ of Michael’s Appeal resumption on the 16th October.

Protect yourself with this information.

Do you REALLY think these thugs have passed these tests?

"What a tangled web they weave ... when first they practice to create Statutory bollox"