Subject: Basil Fawlty had it right ...
From: Veronica
Date: 29/9/13 9:16 am
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... don't trust "Psychiatrists" (but don't climb up a ladder looking for "the girl in the room", either)

(From Doug):

"American Psychiatrist Numero Uno" blew the whistle on the so-called "profession" a few years ago:

Jon Rappoport explains in that link. "There are no definitions for any Mental Disorder" ... because "they are impossible to define" ... so what Shrinks do is MAKE THEM UP AS THEY GO ALONG.

The effects of the toxic chemicals prescribed for these NON-EXISTENT "disorders" (listed in that article by Jon), ties in with my recent e-mail about "Lamaria" ... the anti-malaria drug mandated to Servicemen who serve overseas.

There are those on this list who pointed out that the reason why the MoD still mandates Lamaria, even though - for very good reasons - the US Military has banned its use - is probably the same reason why the Roman Senate feared the returning Roman Armies.

What "Government" would want battle-hardened - AND PERFECTLY SANE - veterans returning to the Homeland, being sane and clear-headed enough to realise that the whole thing was based on a pack of lies ... and therefore being at the forefront of some kind of Rebellion?

Errrr ... no ... while you have them under your thumb ... dose them up with Lamaria ... and that way they are likely to eventually top themselves ... removing any possible backlash you may have to contend with ... in the future. And, if they are any trouble in the meantime, GlaxoSmithKline, Bayer, Eli Lilly, Wellcome, etc. have a whole catalogue of petro-chemicals that can be prescribed ... in order to fuck them up even more. 

(How many times in my life am I going to write this?) Over 250 years ago, Thomas Jefferson wrote: "Your Government will ALWAYS be ... your WORST enemy"