Subject: Another invitation to appear on Dr. Morgan Reynold's Internet Radio Show
From: Veronica
Date: 22/9/13 7:08 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Morgan Reynolds has asked asked me to appear on his show again, along with my friend Andrew Johnson, in order to discuss the Starchild Skull.

Unfortunately Lloyd Pye can't be on the show because he's still recovering from cancer.

The Radio Show is: 10:00pm to midnight on Wednesday 2nd October ... if you want to try to listen in.

Link to the Starchild Skull is
... or "Starchild for Dummies":

It's impossible to underestimate the significance of the Starchild. Because it says:

1. We are not alone, and never have been.

2. It provides an explanation for the myriad UFO sightings (throughout history).

3. It answers the question: "How do they get here?" ... by stating (categorically): "'They' can ... 'They' do ...'They obviously did'" ... so there must be a way of doing it. (Actually we've been told how it's done).

4. It also RAISES the questions: "Well ... do 'They' use US Dollars, or British Pounds ... are what? Do they even 'trade'? Do they use any kind of 'Political System'?". My answers would be: "Geez ... you have to be kidding ... of course NOT!".

5. It also fits in (like a good jig-saw puzzle) with what we've been told ... regarding Who We Are, What We Are, and Why We Are Here ... and what all those UFO's are actually doing.

6. It also cuts directly underneath any possible claim about any "Alien Invasion". We've NEVER BEEN 'uninvaded'. The world we know, the world we grew up in, is the one that was invaded HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO. If you want to know what an "Alien Invasion" is like ... just read the papers or watch the TV or discuss 'Politics' with someone.