Subject: Fwd: Top ten - in at No:4 Unlawful ban from ALL Cambridgeshire courts
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Date: 8/9/13 6:28 pm
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From Michael Doherty:

Stitch up in stevenage: 3 days to resumption of appeal in St Albans Crown Court on 10th Sept 10am


Coming in at No:4 - Unlawful ban from ALL Cambridgeshire courts

So far we've had the following in the Top ten count down;

10 - The phantom fist
09 - Failure of the Police to investigate
08 - Destruction of vital CCTV evidence
07 - Failure to follow law regarding 'laying an information'
06 - Collusion with witness statements
05 - Prosecution case building

If there is one thing that shows the utter vindictiveness of this malicious prosecution, it's the actions of (former) Deputy Chief Clerk to the Justices, Mr Fred Davies. [It appears Mr Davies has 'left' the employ of the Court... I wonder why ;) ]

Following my attendance at Cambridge Magistrates Court, Mr Fred Davies took it upon himself to issue a BAN upon me. He claimed that I was banned from attending any courthouse in Cambridgeshire.

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Now Mr Davies is a trained and legally qualified senior Clerk, he would be fully aware that any requirement to impose restrictions on a person's freedom and liberty must be supported in law. In the course of criminal proceedings, this would be by way of restrictions made within a bail application. Had Mr Davies believed there was a need to ban me from every court in Cambridgeshire, this should have been placed before the courts and discussed.

Bail restrictions need to be limited to the measures required to eliminate the supposed harm anticipated. Banning me from every court in Cambridgeshire county is self evidently intended, to punish and interfere with my liberty without due cause or law. That there should be no punishment without law is enshrined in Magna Carta Art.29 & Art 7 of the ECHR, there is no doubt in this case my actions were restricted without due process of law.

As many of you following this case can see, the reality of the situation in Cambridge Magistrates court was I simply disagreed with wrong information being provided. As a result I politely asked to speak with a manager. For that I was assaulted, dragged from a English Court and thrown into the street. When I tried to raise this crime with the police, I was prosecuted on malicious counter allegations by court security staff. Mr Fred Davies the Senior court clerk, acted along with his colleagues in a vindictive and unlawful manner. By the imposition of wide ranging and a seemingly perpetual ban upon my freedoms to attend public courts.

Just another example of the arrogance and vindictive nature of this prosecution and ease with which senior public officials feel it is acceptable to abuse their public powers of office in pursuit of personal agendas.

Mr Fred Davies is no longer working for Her Majesties Court Service, but his ultra vires actions will not escape redress..... 


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