Subject: Fwd: Fw: Syria: a vote of no-confidence in the President
From: Veronica
Date: 7/9/13 12:39 pm
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From Doug ... referring to Jon Rappoport:

This is the kind of advice many UK constituency members are already following; by refusing to vote!
As a former party agent, attending the vote count in the guildhall at Portsmouth in the last general election; I witnessed the cynical bending of the rules for maximum numbers of agents, by the LibDems [They had sufficient 'agents' to cover every person counting, at every table], the deliberate placement of overseas black students* to count at the table where the BNP were most likely to be successful, and the disgraceful freedom given to the UAF to display placards up in the gallery seating area, and gesture rudely, to the floor below where the extremely dodgy count was taking place. Dodgy? Yes!
Firstly, the local polling stations were using just one box to gather the votes for both the general election candidates and the local election candidates. This meant that when the boxes arrived at the counting tables [ Did they come directly to the guildhall without voting slips being added in en-route?], they had to be emptied out completely, so that the white and pink voting slips could be separated out before counting could take place. So, whereas in the past, Portsmouth had boasted one of the earliest of declarations [around say, 1 a.m.], the count was not officially declared until 10.30 a.m the next day! I know for sure because I was there myself to witness the bloody shambles. It had to be deliberately engineered! I checked with other witnesses at other voting and counting locations in Hampshire and they all had exactly the same shambolic mess to deal with [A single ballot box to contain both election slips, and delays at counting for the same reason. FACT!
Undoubtedly, the party political system was invented to give the voting public the illusion, that they could vote for change. In fact we exported this crime on the human race to the whole world under the guise of 'The Mother of All Parliaments' along with the chains of democracy.
Doug Laybourne
* The black students I observed counting, acted impeccably as they first separated, and then counted the voting slips
Yes ... the ILLUSION comes with no guarantees whatsoever.

So ... even that bit doesn't work ... just like all the other bits.