Subject: More fluoride information
From: Veronica
Date: 4/9/13 9:52 am
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Pat Rattigan's "Letter to the Editor":


     As one who started the Lincoln anti-fluoride campaign and who went through the courts with the The Anglian Water Authority - they never did get their money - perhaps I might be allowed to comment on the latest call for industrial fluoride-waste to be added to public drinking water.  

  The substance in question, hexafluorosilicic acid is "wash water" or "scrubber water", by-produced in the process of phosphate fertiliser manufacture : it is accompanied by traces of lead, arsenic and mercury.

  Fluoride is not a nutrient. It is an enzyme inhibitor, an immuno-suppressant, an iodine antagonist, a listed carcinogen and a cumulative poison : as fluoride levels rise calcium levels decrease, delaying tooth eruption amongst other things and leading to claims of less bad teeth.

  With the exception of Spain's kind efforts to improve the teeth of Basque Separatist children, the only place in the whole of Europe where this dumping is allowed is in The British Isles.

  Over 80% of children in fluoridated areas will suffer from dental fluorosis ; the first sign of fluoride poisoning. This highly disfiguring damage is more good news for the dental trade, as they charge £150 to £450 per tooth for cosmetic treatment, which is required every 5/6 years. Children who are malnourished ie. those with rotten teeth, will suffer most from the effects of fluoridation

  The USA is around 65% fluoridated. According to The Centres for Disease Control,  84% of US children, 96% of adults and 99.5% of over-65s have experienced tooth decay..

  99.5% of the water is not drunk : it is merely dumped, by way of water supplies, into the environment, avoiding all investigation of its polluting effects.


Pat Rattigan

(I doubt that letter was published ... Pat doesn't say ... but generally Editors ignore inconvenient truths)

National Pure Water Association:
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