Subject: Fluoride?
From: Veronica
Date: 3/9/13 8:10 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

From John Knight:

I hope you all realise that the chemical weapons that the UK government gave licences for, that were bound for Syria, are sodium fluoride . The same chemical they are putting in the water in some parts of the UK. They, themselves, are classing as a chemical weapon. 
Wake up people

Of course we already know that fluoride (actually sodium fluoride, of course) is highly toxic, and has nothing whatsoever to do with "healthy teeth".

In fact it creates a 'scale' on many people's teeth called (funnily enough) "Fluorosis" ... well ... there's a surprise!

In fact fluoride is actually known to make teeth go brown (Google & research "Colorado Brown Stains").

The Nazis experimented with fluoride on the Jews ... and discovered that ... being an "...ide" it did things to people.

It made them 'docile' ... and afraid of 'authority'.

(A bit like that other "...ide", bromide, which reduced the sex drive in soldiers ... so they could concentrate on killing more Germans ... as opposed to doing what they would have liked to do with their wives & girlfriends).

Yes ... fluoride ... a "Chemical Weapon" ... very much so ... and BEEN USED MERCILESSLY ON THE POPULATION OF THIS PLANET ... since WW2.

Only in tiny doses.

But fluoride doesn't flush from a person's body.

So it accumulates.

And dumbs people down.

Does that explain anything?

About the world today?

"Can't have anyone challenging authority ... can we???".

WELL, WE *ARE* FUCKING CHALLENGING 'AUTHORITY' ... SO FUCK YOU ... AND FUCK YOUR FLUORIDATION PROGRAM? (And I'll tell you something else. We are going to win!)

(When I last looked, Brooke Bond 'proudly claimed' that PG Tips contained fluoride. Apparently the 'best' tea contains maximum fluoride. The 'not-so-best' tea ... e.g. Sainsbury's Red Label ... doesn't)