Subject: Another view of Hitler & WW2 ...
From: Veronica
Date: 2/9/13 6:09 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

... this one being more 'sympathetic'.

Ignores some very basic and important facts ... research shows:

1. Churchill was a "Rothschild".

2. Hitler was almost certainly a "Rothschild" (father Alois Hitler was a likely 'product-of-a-non-Mary-Whitehouse-nature' between Hitler's grandmother & Baron Rothschild)

3. Churchill & Hitler were, therefore, cousins ... and both worked for the Rothchilds.

4. Angela Merkel is said to be an artifically-inseminated creation from Hitler's sperm, implanted into Eva Braun's sister. (Pictures of Hitler & Merkel do show an amazing likeness ... except for the moustache ... but I think she'd be a 'dead ringer' if she shaved it off ...).

4. No mention of the WW1 Balfour Declaration, in which the British had agreed to hand Palestine over to Rothschilds (in order to create 'an Israel'), in return for Rothschild's help in getting America into WW1 (the Rothschilds own the Media today ... and they did at the time ... even at the time of WW1).

5. Doesn't mention "Jews" or "Rothchilds", or "Prescott Sheldon Bush", or "Fritz Tyssen".
6. Franklin Delano Roosevelt knew about the oncoming Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour day beforehand, and did all he could to assist it happening, and to make it as damaging (to Pearl Harbour) as possible.

7. Add Stalin's machinations (well documented in this film), and well-documented "British Duplicity ... errr ... I mean Diplomacy" ... and you have the recipe for what happened.

All because of "Governments".

Do you REALLY think WW1 & WW2 would have happened if "Governments" hadn't been there ... publishing propaganda ... and stirring shit???