Subject: Calling all cars ... calling all cars ...
From: Veronica
Date: 31/8/13 6:28 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

... well ... in the Bicester area (near Oxford), anyway.

On the 10th September 2013, Mike Watson could use as much support as he can get at:

0X26 2NZ.
Court room: 2 ... 10:00am

(I can't go, I'll be in St. Albans with Michael Doherty)

It's a Speed Trap issue, where Mike has refused to "Name the Driver".

This issue has already been successfully dealt with by Dave in Liverpool (I was there).

I've suggested that Mike writes back the following letter:

Dear Sirs,

I have received some paperwork, through the post, which seems to suggest that your organisation/company/corporation has invited a MR MICHAEL SIDNEY WATSON to your premises on the 10th September, 2013.
I will bring a copy of MICHAEL SIDNEY WATSON for you to look at. However, it is just a piece of paper entitled "Birth Certificate", so I doubt it will do you much good by looking at it.

Nevertheless, before I do that, I would like to know whether or not you run a Court de jure, in other words a constitutionally-convened Court of Law with a Jury? Or do you simply run a Court de facto, in other words an Administrative Arena that requires my consent in order to arbitrate some matter?

If the latter, which is unlawful without my express consent, then I can tell you that I do not consent to your Arbitration or Summary Judgement. This is simply because I don't know any of you, and therefore have no reason to trust any of you, especially since the paperwork I received seems to impersonate the Law-of-the-Land.

If you consider that I, the Human Being, and The Man, have erred in some fashion, then you will have to commit the matter to a Crown Court, whereby it will be lawfully heard by a Jury of 12 other Humans.

Sincerely, without ill-will, frivolity, or vexation

Peaceful Inhabitant and Recipient of your paperwork
Without any admission of any liability for anything whatsoever, and with all Natural, Indefeasible, Common Law Rights reserved. This reservation to include the granting of any Power of Attorney to act on my behalf, for example to enter any kind of plea, otherwise whoever enters it will be taking full liability and responsibility for it. This is because I, being a man, have not granted any such Power to anyone, and neither has the piece of paper MICHAEL SIDNEY WATSON.
That letter would be likely to put a cat amongst a few pigeons. They'd know what to expect.

If you can help on the 10th, e-mail Mike via: