Subject: Local Council's first response to my letter requesting that they sign an Affidavit
From: Veronica
Date: 26/8/13 3:42 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

A short letter arrived from Hounslow Borough Council while I was in St. Albans.

It is from one "Samrah Jassal" who claims to be a "Graduate Paralegal"

The letter from Samrah said that my letter had been passed to Hounslow Borough Council's "Legal Department".

(I presume they don't have a "Lawful Department")

So ... my response is attached.

It's not yet printed & posted, but I will do ... the next time I go out.

The thot plickens. (Vladimir: If you don't understand what that means, transpose the first two letters of each word. It's a sort-of English standing joke)


PS I also got TWO letters from the Inland Revenue ... one enclosing Tax Rebate cheque ... and the other telling me how they decided on the Rebate.

I don't think I'll cash the cheque, because My Honour says to me: "I don't want ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEM".

On the other hand ... it IS for 'money' that have UNLAWFULLY STOLEN FROM ME ... throughout the year.

So it's a bit of a quandary.

But two Wrongs don't make one Right.

So if they were WRONG to STEAL IT, then I'm WRONG to CONJOIN with them in their THEFT.

That's 2 x Wrongs, which don't make 1 x Right.

And anything else is DOUBLE-THINK.