Subject: I'm the last one to suggest we start a Political Party ... but ...
From: Veronica
Date: 26/8/13 9:16 pm
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...  I don't see any reason for not using them as examples.

Think about it.

If a Political Party touts itself as: "The Party of LOW taxation" ... it wins votes ... does it not?

What, do you think, would happen to a Political Party that touted itself as: "The Party of NO taxation ... at all"?

Obviously it would be ridiculed in the Media.

But ... what would happen if people were edjewkatied about Lincoln's Greenbacks & the Bradbury Pound?

Are you suggesting that people wouldn't be curious as to what "The Party of NO taxation ... at all" means?

Would "The Party of NO taxation ... at all" get no votes at all ... or could it win by a landslide?

What do you think?