Subject: Larken Rose rides again ...
From: Veronica
Date: 24/8/13 11:10 pm
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It's all true.

I'm pleased to hear Ron Paul has made the comments Larken quotes. But I still consider Dr. Paul a poseur. He was told that both McCain & Obama were not qualified to run in the 2008 Election (I was on the list at the time), and yet Dr. Paul still threw in the towel ... after collecting the record number of Campaign Contributions in any one day ($4million +).

Anyway, Larken (as ever) right on the bullseye.

He's saying things I've been saying ... even before I discovered him.

He's absolutely right. You have to go through the phase of deciding that 'minimal Government' is the right thing ... ('Minarchism') before realising that 'minimal Government' is impossible, and the only solution is 'NO GOVERNMENT'.