Subject: St. Albans Crown Court ... Day 1
From: Veronica
Date: 21/8/13 12:10 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Michael Doherty's Appeal against the Stevenage Stitch-up.

There was a big turn-out.

To the point where there were insufficient seats (there are only 15 seats in the Public Gallery). Initially about 5 - 6 people didn't get a seat.

The general consensus was that "It went quite well" ... although both Michael and I have some serious reservations about what happened.

The Judge is Judge Warner.

The only "Judge Warner" that comes up - via Google - in the UK - is "Judge Stephen Warner".

Who, in 2011, ruled that "'Dreams' can be used as evidence in a Crown Court" ... according to the writer of this article:

... although I can't (for the life of me) how that writer comes to that conclusion, based on what he has written.

All I can say is that Judge Stephen Warner (true to his name) 'warned' the Public Gallery "Not to make facial expressions" right at the start ... before anything else was said.

I kept a straight face the whole time ... and Judge Warner looked in my direction a couple of times and repeated his warning.

The second time, I said "Are you talking to me, sir?" to which Judge Warner replied: "No, the gentleman sitting behind you".

Speaking to "the gentleman sitting behind me" afterwards, apparently he had turned his face away, in order not to laugh, at something the 'main witness' (the one claims have been assaulted) said.

(Not laughing at the CRAP that this 'main witness' came out with was ... I admit ... a very hard thing to stop doing. Apparently this 'main witness' can tell what people are going to do before they actually do anything.

Even after they didn't do anything at all ... he can tell what they would have done.

Apparently, he 'Just knows'.

All he needed was a Voodoo Doll ... or to squeeze the goat's testicles ... and he's up & running!)

He said, that when Michael told him "You're just a Security Guard" ... although that was an insult [Errr ... how???] ... he didn't forcibly eject Michael on that basis ... although ... according to him "It didn't help". He ejected Michael because Michael had had a conversation with a Court Clerk ... during which "voices" ... note ... that's plural ... were 'slightly raised'. He asked the Court Clerk if she was "All Right", and she said "Yes". So, apparently, that gave him the right to forcibly eject Michael (????? Don't ask!)

However he said he "Often gets insulted". Based on his attitude, as displayed in the Witness Box, that does not surprise me.

Basically it's looking like the "Stitch-Up" continues ... but we'll see.