Subject: More stuff about Council Tax
From: Veronica
Date: 15/8/13 4:25 pm
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From Jas:

... from Wigan.

It's all about what "a Dwelling" is.

Of course 'They' will manufacture something out of thin air (aka plucked from their arses) ... at the end of the day ... the same way the "Void Mortgages Argument" was dismissed ...

... which, btw, was eventually dismissed on the basis that "an actual mortgage" existed at the time of signing the Title Deed.

Unfortunately - for the dismissal - that's the usual load of bollox.

There is no such thing ... in "legals" (let alone "lawfuls"!) ... as an "actual mortgage" ... there is only a "Legal Mortgage" (when the charge is lodged at the Land Registry) and an "Equitable Mortgage" (which would comprise a Contract SIGNED BY BOTH PARTIES ... and the Title Deed is NOT signed by both Parties).

Still ... these things work in "Legal-Land". (It keeps the Judges happy & in employment ... even though they pluck "Actual Mortgages" out of their arses)

It's just The Common Law, Common Sense, Logic & Reason, that these things have a big problem with.