Subject: Cats & Pigeons
From: Veronica
Date: 13/8/13 1:58 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Well, my e-mails about “abstracting electricity” have certainly put the cat among the pigeons … based on the e-mails I’ve had back.

First of all … all I did was to point out what THEIR thinking was likely to be, based on the fact that they don’t charge anyone with “stealing electricity” … THEY charge them with “abstracting electricity”.

Now, a lot of people are saying “It’s theft”. Which is fine. TALK TO THOSE WHO WRITE THE STATUTES, AND EXPLAIN TO THEM THEY HAVE IT WRONG.

I don’t write the Statutes.

My position is completely different anyway. Everything comes FREE (from the Sun & the Earth … as I said in my book). That’s MY position … otherwise I would not have written that in my book.

So … now I’ll put another pigeon into the mix.

Angie has found some stuff (as usual … now she’s rescued her computer from Simon …), which is:

"Abstracting"[Middle English, from Latin abstractus, past participle of abstrahere, to draw away : to draw.]

1. To take away; or draw away; remove.

2. To remove without permission; filch.

It’s true to say that Guy had the original British Gas Meter ‘removed’ when they originally cut him off. But he sent it back to them, so he didn’t ‘steal’ or ‘filch’ it. And, as Angie points out, Guy didn’t need their ‘permission’ … THEY NEEDED HIS PERMISSION TO INSTALL IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. So (2), above, doesn’t work.

The fact that no Electrons were ‘lost’ in any process means (1) doesn’t work, either.

ON THE OTHER HAND, British Gas removed Guy’s own Landlord-type Meter. And they haven’t given it back. And they didn’t have any permission to do that. Maybe THEY should be charged with “abstracting Landlord-type Meters”?

What is REALLY happening is the ‘usual bollox’, whenever THEY try to ‘compress’ the Laws of the Universe into their little “legal” world. It’s the exact same with “TV Licencing”. All Entities, that contain any amount of ‘impure water’…  act as ‘receivers’ for the BBC’s bollox. As well as ITV’s crap and all the other load of rubbishy channels. If you are going to charge for “receiving TV signals”, then you have to charge every cat, dog, fish and amoeba ... etc. etc. etc.

BECAUSE THE UNIVERSE SAYS: “Electricity will flow in Conductors of it (and the appropriate LAW has been observed to be Ohm’s LAW)” and “Electro-Magnetic Radiation permeates … depending on the chemical composition & the frequency”. And so on.

But … oh no … that’s not acceptable to Parliaments! No … Parliaments have to write their own rules!

(Talk about living in a Parallel Universe!)