Subject: Guy Taylor in Court
From: Veronica
Date: 1/8/13 11:28 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Guy is being prosecuted for 'abstracting electricity' by British Gas.

('Abstracting electricity'? Don't ask!)

The Trial commences in Worcester CROWN Court on Monday next (5th August)

Did Guy do it? Naaah!!

What happened was that British Gas WERE the 'Billing Agent' for one of Guy's properties.

(Note: A Billing Agent is NOT a 'Supplier' ... British Gas have no electricity to sell! They don't generate it)

Anyway, the Billing Agent was changed to NPower ... who WERE paid for the Leccy.

But BG took no notice of that change, and billed Guy 'as well'.

Guy didn't pay BG (obviously!)

So BG created a 'home-grown' so-called 'Warrant' ... on their own notepaper ... signed it themselves ... and gave it to a Bayleaf ... who ... like the THUGS they are ... broke in and stole Guy's Leccy Meter (yes ... GUY'S OWN LECCY METER!).

However, the thot plickens.

BG then reported the so-called 'theft of Leccy' to the Policymen ... who - being complete Muppets - eventually passed it on to the Crown Prosecution Service.

And that's where it stands.

I'm off to Hereford this weekend, in order to watch the CPS Barrister (in wig & gown) being taken to pieces.

(At a meeting yesterday ... Wednesday ... this arrogant prat in a wig & gown told Guy that Guy "Lived in a parallel Universe" ... to which Guy responded: "You stand there in a wig & gown ... and tell ME .... that I live in a parallel Universe????".