Subject: Notice of Removal of Implied Right of Access
From: Veronica
Date: 31/7/13 10:51 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

(From Mike Bridger)

My version of this Notice ... obtainable here:

... says:
1) ANY employee, principal, agent, third party or representative or any other person acting on behalf of or under the instruction of HER MAJESTYS COURT SERVICE, or any other CORPORATE BODY (i.e. Company) howsoever named and, ...

It contains the phrase: " or any other CORPORATE BODY (i.e. Company) howsoever named" ... which would include the Ministry of Justice Corporation.

Mike points out that some people specify the Ministry of Justice and their Company Address in their NoRoIRoAs.

He points out that - not only were the Justice's Clerk's Society dissolved as a Company ... the Ministry of Justice has also been dissolved ... and re-appeared under a different guise, and at a different address.

Consequently, if you are using the old Company Address in your NoRoIRoA, it might be an idea to update it to the new Company Address.

However, it might be an even better idea to remove the Address altogether ... and re-word it as per my one, above ... which includes 'everything CORPORATE' ... in other words 'every bastard under the Sun'.

And let them toss themselves off ... at whatever address they wish to do that.