Subject: What to do if you get a Summons from a Star Chamber
From: Veronica
Date: 30/7/13 10:31 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

(Ian: Will you please pass this on to your Uncle Kenn ... I don't have his e-mail address ... thanks!)

A ‘Star Chamber’ is a Magistrates’ so-called 'Court' or a County so-called 'Court'. (THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO CROWN OR HIGH COURTS WITH A JURY!)

But it also applies to any ‘paperwork’ from the “Northampton Bulk Clearing Centre”.

1.       DON’T refer to what they send you as anything other than ‘paperwork’.

2.       DON’T sign anything … PRINT (via your Printer) “Peaceful Inhabitant” where you would normally sign any letter.

3.       Write back as follows:

“The attached paperwork was received at the place of my dwelling. It purports to have been issued by a ‘Court’. Before I have any obligation whatsoever to take notice of said paperwork, you will need to prove that it was issued by a Court of Law.

For your information, a ‘Court of Law’ is one in which a Jury of 12 of My Peers decides a Verdict, and thus My Fate. In full accord with the Magna Carta 1215 (non-repealable, and incapable of being modified in any way, because it was a)Treaty (you all seem to forget), and thus the British Constitution.

Consequently, unless you can show that your ‘Court’ is a Court of Law, then I have no need to take any notice of the content of said paperwork, and I thus return it to you, and await your proofs.

Continuing the matter to which your paperwork refers, absent the proofs you need to provide, is likely to create a Common Law Tort against me. For example, a TRESPASS on my Indefeasible Sovereignty.

My redress, in Law (which I will not hesitate to initiate), will be a Private Criminal Prosecution against anyone and everyone who conjoins in any such Tort. This is likely to include the Common Law Charges of ‘Misconduct in Public Office’, ‘Negligence’, ‘Common Assault … or attempt thereof’, ‘Abrogation of Common Law Duty of Care’, and ‘Abuse of Public Office’, as well as ‘Trespass’, ‘Public Nuisance’ and ‘Contempt of Court’ (i.e. contempt for a REAL, Constitutional, Court of Law by PRETENDING to be one). The penalties for these Common Law offences usually be long terms of imprisonment.

This will especially apply to anyone who violates their Solemnly-Sworn Oath of Office to apply LAW 'to do right by all manner of PEOPLE, without fear or favour', when they abrogate that Oath and 'do WRONG on behalf of some Legal Fiction Soulless CORPORATION'.

Obviously these charges will only apply if you cannot provide proofs that the paperwork was issued by a REAL Court of Law i.e. one with a Jury of 12 of My Peers, and based on their Verdict.

Sincerely, without ill-will, vexation or frivolity,

Peaceful Inhabitant

Without any admission of any liability for anything whatsoever, and with all Indefeasible, Natural, Fundamental, Human Rights reserved.”