Subject: Michael Tellinger
From: Veronica
Date: 29/7/13 2:53 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

When I wrote my book, in 2009, I’d never heard of Michael Tellinger.

Some of those, on this list, may know who Ray Moore is … if not … it doesn’t matter. It was, however, talking to Ray, that Michael Tellinger’s name was first mentioned to me.

So I did a bit of Googling, and found that Michael had created quite a few videos (and written a couple of books … at the time).

When I watched Michael’s videos, I realised that he was saying EXACTLY what I’d said in my book.

So I contacted Michael, told him about my book, and asked him if he would like a copy.

He said “Yes”, so I sent him a copy.

Since then we’ve maintained ‘cyber-contact’, although we’ve never met, personally.

He says he’s coming to the UK in September, and (obviously) I’m looking forward to that.

The fact is that he’s come up with THE mechanism that digs us out of the shit. He calls it ‘Contributionism’, and it directly extends what I’ve said in my book.

These are Michael’s preliminary videos about Contributionism:


We have to get away from this 'DRIVING ILLUSION of money’. WE ARE GOING NOWHERE with it.


In those videos, Michael talks about “How Other-Worlders (Aliens?) would operate” … and points out that the idea that they would use ‘money’ is utterly ludicrous.


Which, of course, it is … utterly ludicrous.


And, the point which he doesn’t make … which I will make … is that VERY SOON we (ALL!!!) are going to have to come to terms with that. AS FACT!!


Simply because, when the information about the StarChild ‘hits’ … it will prove … once & for all … no ‘ifs’ … no ‘buts’ … no ‘maybes’ … that WE ARE NOT ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE … NEVER HAVE BEEN … AND NEVER WILL BE. The reason 'They' watch us ... is to see how long it takes us to realise that 'MONEY IS AN ILLUSION'.


In those videos, Michael talks about “Ancient Civilisations” on Earth. These would have come from the Stars or other Dimensions (‘coz there’s nowhere else!). THEY DID NOT USE ‘MONEY’!


The whole idea of interacting with Other-Worlders … using Pounds Sterling or US Dollars ... is about as stupid as making a teapot out of chocolate. And that is something every man, woman & child, will have to contend with ... very shortly.


It is essential that we get our heads around the idea of Contributionism … and get our heads away from ‘Capitalism’, ‘Consumerism’, ‘Governments’, ‘Democracy’, etc. etc. etc.


When Michael talks about ‘abundance’ … don’t forget … he lives in South Africa … where the ‘abundance of everything we need’ is (in his own words) ‘insane’ … there is so much of it.