Subject: "My style"
From: Veronica
Date: 15/7/13 8:40 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

I've sent this out to a few people over the years ... so apologies it you've already seen it.

But, it's an example of the "style" I very quickly developed (by late 2009).

I did start off very politely ... but the letters kept coming ... so ... I sent the attached letter to FOUR of them ... in one go.

That's EXACTLY what I sent ... to Fredericksons, Newlyn, Collect Services and Islington Parking Services.
Islington Parking Services: Never heard another word from them, from that day to this.

Fredericksons: I got a letter from their 'in-house' Solicitors, Bryan Carter & Co. I wrote to the Solicitor, and told him he must be a "mentally-retarded wanker" if he was involved. I said that "Even the Bills of Exchange Act 1882 says that once a bill is paid, its paid". Two days later I got a letter from Fredericksons, saying "We can't find your payment". I wrote back saying: "You fucking cunts are looking in the wrong column. Don't look as the 'Ins' ... look at the 'Outs' for when YOU BOUGHT the debt". Never heard another word, from that day to this.

Newlyn & Collect Services: Persisted with a couple more letters each. So I did Commercial Liens on the 3 Directors of Collect Services and the 10 (or so) Directors of Newlyn. Never heard another word, from either of them, from that day to this.

So ... if you ever feel like "upping the ante" ... I already "upped it" ... a few years ago.