Subject: We could take their ball away ...
From: Veronica
Date: 15/7/13 8:13 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Guy Taylor just phoned, to update me.

We knew there was a room labelled “Grand Jury Room” in Hereford CROWN Court. Guy spoke to the gentleman in charge, and found out that it costs £10 … per hour … to rent (from 9:00am to 6:00pm = 9 hours = £90 per day). If we used it for (say) 3 days, that would be £270. Apparently … if the Courts are in recess (e.g. now until the end of September) … the CROWN Court itself is ‘thrown in’ to that rental.

Sounds like a good deal, to me.

Don’t forget, the Crown Court is a Common Law Court. So what is said below, doesn’t apply. (Witnesses, on the stand, don’t need to know the identities of who they are witnessing against … they know by first-hand observation … as the “Identifying Criteria”. As in: “Do you see the individual anywhere in the room who hit the someone over the head by a lump of 4x2?”. Witness points to the Accused: “Yes … it was ’im wot dunnit!”. That’s Common Law)

As far as Star Chambers (County, Magistrates’ and High so-called ‘Courts’) are concerned … WHAT IS THEIR ‘IDENTIFYING CRITERIA’?

How do they know they have the RIGHT individual?

How do they know they’ve passed judgement on the CORRECT individual?

They don’t.

They don’t … except by YOU confirming that “You are your Legal Fiction” … i.e. that “You are Your Name”.

If you Google “Veronica Chapman”, there are quite a few of them. There are “Veronica Chapmans” who have nothing to do with me. If you Google your own Name, the chances are very high that you’ll see loads of ‘hits’ which have nothing to do with you.

So, what’s an Identifying Criteria … such that any judgement actually has YOU, the Individual, in its sights? And not some other Individual with the same Legal Fiction Name?

The Address? Errr … no … anyone can live at any address. Oh … so you came to this Star Chamber because a letter hit YOUR doormat … so YOU must be the Individual? Errr … no, that’s no criteria. Someone, the author of the letter, wanted to send it to “Veronica Chapman” … and looked up an address for “Veronica Chapman”. Somehow (don’t know or care how) they came up with MY address … and therefore addressed the letter to me.

That’s the reason I turned up.

However, this does not mean that the “Someone” didn’t find the wrong address!

So, we are back to looking for an Identifying Criteria.

Date of Berth? Errr … no … loads of people were born on the 31st August, 1944 … so that’s no good.


So … the suggestion is … PULL THEM UP ON THAT.

Right at the off, ask: “What criteria have you used in order to establish that I’m the CORRECT Human Being summoned? If you decide against whoever you have summonsed, what Identifying Criteria will be used to ensure that the CORRECT Human Being will be penalised?

They will say: “Are you Ms Veronica Chapman?”. I could say “No” (because I’m NOT My Name). Or, if I’m with others, I could say: “I’m one of them … but how do you know I’m the CORRECT one … the one you actually want?

They’ll say: “Because you’re here”. I could then say: “So are the others. We’re only here because ONE OF US received your letter. How can you know which one you want? Today, everyone who came in with me is called Veronica Chapman?

This is fine, because ANYONE can choose WHATEVER THEY ARE CALLED … at ANY POINT IN TIME.

That’s how ‘performers’ and ‘entertainers’ create a Stage Name.

Robert Allen Zimmerman wrote & recorded LOADS of songs in the 1960s … through to 2000s.

So did Harry Webb.

In the 1980s Robert changed his name, by Deed Poll, to “Bob Dylan”. Harry Webb has always been known, to the public, as “Cliff Richard”.

It’s also possible to add your own Noble Title … e.g. Screaming Lord Sutch.

IDENTIFYING CRITERIA! Ask them what criteria they use.

They won’t be able to answer, because they have NONE.

If they want to play “Legal Fiction” … take their ‘ball’ away (and hide it!).