Subject: Well ... I said it would go one of two ways ...
From: Veronica
Date: 13/7/13 7:47 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

... and yes, it did.

It didn't go the way I'd suggested that it might.

His Honour Judge Butler decided to REJECT Tilly Lamb's Re-Possession Order Appeal.

The arguments for doing so constitute a mass of DOUBLE-THINK, Circular Arguments, and assorted bollox. That 'sound good' ... until you analyse exactly what he said.

But ... it's 'Their' Record Player, 'Their' record, and 'Their' electricity ... so the outcome should never be in doubt.

Butler has, in point of fact, given Tilly TWO means of further Appeal. Firstly, she can appeal against his previous action ... which was to continue, even though Tilly was not represented (because Joe Fergus was 'indisposed').

At that (previous) Hearing the hot-shot Barrister (representing the Mortgage Company), submitted a load of bollox on the day ... COMPLETELY CONTRARY TO WHAT BUTLER HAD PREVIOUSLY STATED. At the 'previous-previous' Hearing, Butler had said "No more arguments to be added to those already submitted".

Nevertheless, the Barrister placed a sheaf of NON-ARGUMENTS under Butler's nose and - instead of charging the Barrister with "contempt of his previous Order" ... Butler just said "Thanks!".

(It's 'Their' Record Player, 'Their' record, and 'Their' electricity).

Butler knows about all the Registration Gap stuff on the Internet. He (AND HIS COLLEAGUES!) have obviously been scanning the Void Mortgages Website. He knows that a transcript of his previous Orders found their way on to that site.

Consequently, it would be EASILY possible to take yesterday's (Friday's) judgement to pieces, and expose all the Circular Arguments & double-think. Unfortunately the guy who owns the Void Mortgages site may not like doing that ... if someone else does the critique. And, unfortunately, if the guy who owns the site does the critique ... then it will probably end up being incomprehensible.

Anyway ... that's Tilly's first option ... if she chooses ... to appeal against Butler's decision to reject her adjournment request.

The second option, according to Butler, would be to take the case to the Court of Appeals. [He's obviously not sure about his decision (rightly so!)].

But ... at the end of the day ... it's 'Their' Record Player, 'Their' record, and 'Their' electricity.

I don't know if the fight goes on.

It should, because Butler's judgement was a complete nonsense.

But ... at the end of the day ... it's 'Their' Record Player, 'Their' record, and 'Their' electricity.

And they can only 'win' by the most devious of means.

It would be nice if someone - being re-possessed - started Private Criminal Prosecutions against the Bayleafs. THAT WOULD MAKE 'Them' (ALL) SIT UP!