Subject: Supplementary to my Script (previous e-mail)
From: Veronica
Date: 8/7/13 12:46 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Mike Bridger responded with some comments/changes.

I asked him if "He could see the content of my script actually happening?"

This was his reply (the good bits slightly highlighted):

Well, it happened for me.  But, these days, I prefer to do my admin from the desk at home.  However, when three thugs in cop uniform threatened to break down the door (Sweetheart was having kittens),  I went to the circus, had a bit of a chat with Clerky, who said:
"MISTER BRIDGER!  If you carry on like this, I'll have one of the Magistrates charge you with Contempt of Court."
To which I replied:
"Madame, you have not yet established that you HAVE a court."
Again, my reward was her silence of ten seconds.

There were 'fines' of nearly £4K with alternatives of three months in custardy or seizure of the car.  None of which have happened after 17 months.


So ... I think my script could be considered reasonable.