Subject: Right ... well ... the response has been quite positive
From: Veronica
Date: 4/7/13 12:29 am
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I suppose I'd better go into more detail (although I have said all this before).

The Grand Jury emulates the 25 Barons from the Magna Carta 1215.

This 'morphed' into 'ordinary plebs' ... as opposed to 'Barons' ... over the centuries.

In 1931, the Grand Juries in the UK were 'superseded' ... and since that time ... into what we have today ... the mish-mash & road blocks of Maggot's Circuses, CPS, IPCC, Policymen, ACPO, Law Society ... all farting around doing nothing.

The reason given for the above was "Because so many men had been killed in WW1, there wasn't enough of them to continue with staffing Grand Juries". Women were not excluded (any more than they are on Petty Juries) ... but men probably have more spare time (after watching football & rugby ... and cricket ... and belching).

A Grand Jury of 25 meets and deliberates IN SECRET. Their job is to 'receive complaints'  (from anyone) AND INVESTIGATE. The Grand Jury can DEMAND ANY INFORMATION ... from anyone ... including "Government". The Jury Members would need to have taken a suitable Oath of Honesty & Silence about what they hear & see.

After investigating, they may decide ... on a MAJORITY vote ... to create an Indictment.

Obviously this would only be the case if the Grand Jury had collected sufficient VALID evidence in the form of documents & witnesses.

Witnesses can be subpoenaed by a Grand Jury, and must testify under the Oath of Perjury.

(Witnesses are not ... of course ... 'on Trial'. Not at that time)

A bundle & the Indictment would be passed directly to the Crown Court in order to convene a Petty Jury (regular Jury) Trial.

That's fundamentally "it".

Thus "The Law" is:

Human Beings make complaints to 25 Human Beings of the Grand Jury (Common Law!)

The 25 Human Beings investigate the 'ins' & 'outs', and decide on Indictments (Common Law!)

The result may be that a Human Being is put on Trial in front 12 Human Beings of a Petty Jury for a UNANIMOUS Verdict (Common Law!)

So it's Common Law to Common Law from start to finish.

That was how it was from 1215 until 1931.

(So it obviously worked?)