Subject: Update on Void Mortgages
From: Veronica
Date: 2/7/13 10:10 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

His Honour Judge "I'll 'ave yew ...get them buses out ... ooooh I 'ate yew" Butler is going to make some kind of decision on 12th July.

MY feeling ... that's MY feeling (and not necessarily anyone else's ...) will be that he will pass it 'upstairs' to the Supreme Court ... however ... I could be wrong.

BUT ... I'm not going into details ... 'coz it's complicated (well ... actually very simple, really ... ) but 'yet another' previous decision has been found ... that STRENGTHENS OUR ARGUMENT.

And this decision was from the House of Lords in 1976 ... which (of course) is as 'high' as you could get.

The problem is that Butler said "No more evidence" ... AFTER WHICH the 'shit-hot Barrister' presented (what he considered to be) 'more evidence'. This grade-A arsehole did it by simply sticking it under the Judge's nose ... and no-one objected.

However ... who knows ... maybe Butler would realise that - by presenting 'more evidence' when Butler had already said "No more" ... the shit-hot Barrister was actually 'in Contempt'?

This 'more evidence' could have been shot-down in flames by Joe Fergus ... because he's already done that in order to get this far ... because the 'more evidence' was only a re-hash of stuff already presented ... just a change of rhetoric.

However, this decision by the House of Lords, in 1976, is VERY GOOD NEWS for EVERYONE with a Mortgage. Because it means that the argument is not limited to "everything after 2002" ... but actually goes back 'unlimited'.

The ESSENCE is this:

1. In the beginning, they send you a bit of paper to sign. Which you do. They tell you NOT to 'date it' ... so you don't (and ... if you do ... they will just Snowpake that out). They say Your Signature must be witnessed.

2. That creates a document with ONLY Your (witnessed) Signature on it. THAT CREATES A POWER OF ATTORNEY ... which is where you are saying "I authorise you to do whatever you need to do, on my behalf". (But, obviously, that's limited to "But don't do anything to shit on me!". Which is, of course, exactly what they DO do!)

3. IT'S ***NOT*** A CONTRACT! A Contract MUST be 'between TWO Parties' ... and MUST contain the signatures of BOTH Parties. Otherwise it's NOT a Contract.


5. The CONTRACT comes into force (in Law) when the Charge is Registered at the Land Registry.

6. The Bank/Building Society have NO CONTRACT ... BEFORE doing that. Thus (since they have no Contract) ... THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO REGISTER THE CHARGE (in the first place).

7. If they can't Register the Charge ... then they have nothing to hold over your head ... to force 'Repayments' or 'Re-possessions' ... IN LAW.


We'll see what Butler does on the 12th.

(None of this ... except the "Power of Attorney" ... was mentioned at Simon Spaniard's Meeting. The ongoing cases, and the state of them, wasn't mentioned)