Subject: Re: Simon Spaniard's Meeting
From: Veronica
Date: 2/7/13 8:48 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

From Mike:

Hi, Veronica.
Reading what you wrote, I can't help but have a big silly grin on my face.
Thanks, V much.
I actually spent a couple of hours out of the room.  Networking in the local community.  Got some phone numbers where I hope to do a debt buster presentation to the local people.

I hosted another White Rabbit Education(Watford) meeting (Boot camp for Bunnies) in Watford on Sunday and as I like to say most days:
"Never had so much fun."
Got another planned for:
Sunday 28th July then
Nothing in August then
Sunday 29th September and
The last Sunday each month thereafter.  (Not December). 

Topics (as previously stated) included:
How to stop the debt collectors and
Legally cancel credit cards and
How to caution a copper.  When s/he misbehaves.

The interesting thing is that ALL this information is readily available from many sources on the wonderweb BUT as someone said on Sunday:
"It's good to have a face to face conversation with someone who's actually done it."

Sixty five+ successes against:
credit cards
several constaburglaries
several london boroughs
central london congestion charge
all the third/fourth party debt collectors
several sets of clerks & maggots at the circuses.

Its all a bit boring now [Veronica: I know what you mean, Mike. It can get a bit boring when you've got no Bailiffs to tell to fuck off, etc!] but it is fun to hear the questions and pass on the knowledge/experience.