Subject: Simon Spaniard's Meeting
From: Veronica
Date: 1/7/13 8:07 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

I went to Simon's meeting.

Peter, Hedley & Mike ... on this list ... were also at the meeting.

Thus, what I say, will be sent to them and - since they were there as well - they'll be able to judge if what I say is true.

Simon's fundamental plan is to "Wake  up everyone in the UK - to the frauds of the Banksters - in the next FOUR Months".

The meeting was to discuss how that could be done ... or - at least - to kick-start it.

Now, apart from the ambitious nature of that plan, I see a few fundamental problems:

1. Waking EVERYBODY up ... isn't necessary for a Critical Mass. Actually, the number required for a Critical Mass is amazingly small, for some reason (probably the 100th Monkey Syndrome).

2. The basis - the foundation - is incredibly shaky. Fundamentally Simon assumed that he was talking to "Those who had woken up". ZERO attention was - apparently - given to the fact that there's "waking up", and there's "WAKING UP"! And that most in the audience were a very long way from "Having WOKEN UP". Someone actually suggested linking up with the idiot Kevin Annett and his ITCCS garbage. I think someone even mentioned the ludicous OPPT rubbish. THIS IS -NOT- "WOKEN UP"! "WOKEN UP" is when you understand that the ITCCS, OPPT, Roger Hayes "Lawful Bank", Alex Jones, David Icke, John Harris, Sarah Lioness, the UK Column ... etc.  ARE GARBAGE. AND YOU KNOW WHY. That's "WOKEN UP"!

3. Following on from (2), above, there was a very 'telling' moment for me. This was when Simon asked fro a show of hands as to who wanted to "Get involved in some way or other". Now let's remember ONE IMPORTANT THING. This is all about "How the Courts will not allow us the justice to which we are entitled". because, if we had REAL Courts - OF JUSTICE - and THE SYSTEM WASN'T  SKEWED AND UTTERLY CORRUPT ... we'd have no problem! So ... one would think that "Experience in the various Courts & Star Chambers" aka "Actual experience at the sharp end of the system" ... would be invaluable?

Well, I would.

Now, Peter has considerable experience in this aspect. Maggot's Circuses, County Star Chambers and High Star Chambers. I know, because I've been there with him ... on most (but not all) of those occasions.

Mike has considerable experience of dealing with this fraud at Maggot's Circus level. I know, because of what he's said, and the conversation I had with him prior to the meeting ... in the Pub across the road.

I have considerable experience in this aspect. Maggot's Circuses, County Star Chambers, High Star Chambers and Crown Courts.

(Michael Doherty wasn't at this meeting, and neither was Ian Puddick, but both have REAL Court Experiences ... and I think they would agree that "You can't make any REALISTIC plans or assumptions WITHOUT that kind of experience"? That a big part of "WAKING UP" is gaining that experience?)

The telling moment was when Simon asked for 'volunteers'.

98% of those there immediately put their hands up.

I didn't put my hand up (Court & Star Chamber experience!)

Mike didn't put his hand up (Maggot's Circus experience!)

I didn't look to see Peter's hand, but I doubt if he put it up (Star Chamber experience would have kept it down, I think! He'll tell me if I'm wrong)

And I can't imagine Michael Doherty's or Ian Puddick's hands going up at that time, either (Court & Star Chamber experience!)

Even Guy Taylor ... whose Court & Star Chamber Experience is second to none ... and who willingly volunteers for most things "Freeman" ... would have been hard pressed to put his hand up at that time ... after having heard what was said up to that point.

And that - for me - was the 'telling moment'.

Absolutely NO RECOGNITION of the difference between "waking up " and "WAKING UP".


I wish them well, hearts are in the right place (obviously), but a woeful lack of REAL EXPERIENCE to SET THEM OFF ON THE ***RIGHT*** COURSE ... in my humble opinion.

They don't even know the difference between a Court & a Star Chamber!

They don't even know the difference between "Legal" & "Lawful"!

(I was even accused - at one point - by someone in the audience - of "Stating OPINIONS" when I was actually "Stating FACTS based on EXPERIENCE". It seems, to me, that there's a big problem when it starts on that basis)