Subject: Handbook For A New Paradigm ... a few quick quotations from ...
From: Veronica
Date: 28/6/13 8:50 pm
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(Refer to my previous e-mail)

Page 32
Much was filled with profound truth, but much of it was drained of energy by the continual parade of victims wanting their personal problems solved for them [THINK: UK Column!].

Page 36
The people of your planet sink further into the morass of depression and suppression. There is nothing but doom and gloom reported all around them [THINK: UK Column, David Icke, Alex Jones, etc!] and for lack of a vision of Light, all appears to be fading into darkness. The focus of attention on the devils of the dark doings does not resolve the issue [However much you pat yourself on the back, Brian Gerrish!].

Page 37
This is for visionary realists that may never actually observe the extent of the work they do now until the very end. These people will be able to look beyond the chaos and recognize the opportunity. I suppose you might say these are people with one foot in each world, who can look into both without losing their balance.
Once you start looking for them you will find them coming into your experience in ways that may seem too unusual to be accidental. Meet in 3s, 7s and 12s.