Subject: As far as I can gather ...
From: Veronica
Date: 26/6/13 9:40 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

... Monday's "Void Mortgages" Hearing was a mixture of possible disaster ... and possibly not.

We now have "chapter & verse" that 'They' (the Financial Institutions & their cronies) are utterly shit-scared of us.



Which they do ... because they 'know' who is involved 'against them'. And they know that these are people with Possession Warrants already in place (against the Home Owners).

And, what they do, is to target the Bayleafs to call ... AT EXACTLY THE SAME DATE/TIME when these people would be in Court ... arguing their cases.

It's happened too many times now ... such as to be simply 'co-incidence'. It's now a pattern.

Joe Fergus ... who made a big impression HHJ "I'll 'ave you" Butler ... such that Butler (in his summing up) said that "He hoped Joe would be at Monday's resumption" ... WAS TARGETED BY THUGGY BAYLEAFS last Thursday. Apparently the Bayleafs failed, but (in the process) Joe was injured and 'unfit to travel' for Monday's Hearing.

Meanwhile the Mortgage Company had hired a 'top' Barrister to argue their case. Someone who has been described (by someone else) as "The cleverest person I know".

This Barrister submitted a load of crap ... fundamentally saying that Butler's judgement was wrong! He quoted cases BEFORE 2002 ... and the point of the case is that it's the Statute that was enacted in 2002 that's 'faulty'. So cases BEFORE 2002 don't apply. He quoted ONE case SINCE 2002 ... which was the one a few weeks ago ... which ONLY failed because the lady who was supposed to be in Court wasn't there ... BECAUSE SHE'S BEEN TARGETED BY BAYLEAFS AT THAT SAME DATE/TIME! And, although Joe WAS there ... she'd not e-mailed the Court with Power of Attorney for Joe. So - in that case - the 'judgement' went by default.

There's no doubt that ... if Joe had been there (last Monday) ... it might have been a different matter ... because he's wiped the floor with all these bastards already.

Apparently some people did try to fill in ... but (because of the lack of Joe's availability), and the fact that Tilly Lamb (the lady who owns the house) is not in good shape either ... an Application for an Adjournment was entered.
This Application was refused, and the Hearing went ahead.

The result was that HHJ "Get them buses out" Butler has said that he will make a decision in the next few weeks ... AND HAS EXTENDED THE TIME FOR TILLY TO APPEAL AGAINST HIS DECISION TO REJECT HER ADJOURNMENT APPLICATION.

So ... we don't know what's going to happen.

I apologise for this ... being 'piecemeal' ... it's how I receive the information ... in dribs & drabs.