Subject: Telling it like it is
From: Tabitha
Date: 24/6/13 4:13 pm
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From Mike:

Ex-US Marine tells it like it is:

Well, he's right in most repects ... except that 9/11 wasn't done by "Thermite" (or even "Thermate" ... or even "NanoThermate"), the WTC Complex was destroyed by some kind of Directed-Energy Weapon.

Furthermore,  building WTC 7 is ONLY ONE OF the "Smoking Guns" ... but probably not for the reason he assumes. The other "Smoking Guns" (of which there are many), include the "Put Options", the "Dancing Israelis".

But the biggest "Smoking Gun" of all (along with the Directed-Engergy Weapons) was the fact that there were NO PLANES involved in the 'impacts' (the CAREFULLY-PLACED damage MUST HAVE BEEN done by CAREFULLY-PLACED bombs*). Thus The Mainstream Media were FULLY COMPLICIT.

(* A 'plane'. hitting a Tower, could never be controlled to the degree of precision required)

If you were alive in 1960 (as I was), you would never have believed that - one day - we would have to rely on Iranian & Russian TV for any kind of REAL news.

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