Subject: Long, long, ago, in a far distant galaxy
From: Veronica
Date: 24/6/13 1:54 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

I sent a letter this morning (no stamp attached).

For background … see here:

Long, long, ago, in a far distant galaxy … before I got anywhere near Lawful Rebellion … I gotta a package from the Crapphone Whorehouse … congratulating me on buying one of their poxy Mobile Phone packages.

But … unfortunately (for them) … I (myself) hadn't actually done that. (I think I know who did … but I can't prove it).

Anyway … I told them to stuff it up their arse … and forgot about it.

By a fluke, I happened to check my Bank  Account online … and discovered an amount of about £41 deducted on the basis of a Direct Debit. Immediately checking my Direct Debits … I discovered they had instantiated TWO in their favour!

Obviously I deleted them immediately.

After about 3 nights on the phone to the Bank, I was reimbursed the £41.

Then I got a letter from the Crapphone Whorehouse 'demanding' that I re-create those Direct Debits.

I told them to fuck off … and sent the letter posted in that Forum Post (above).

I also reported it to the Police who … using their normal 'inverted dictionary' ... told me I wasn't the 'victim' … so there was nothing they could do. This was years ago … back in about 2007. However … apfter reporting it to the Policymen, the whole thing stopped … until today … when I got a letter from some DCAs called "Rockwell".

Attached is the letter they got back (I'm just off to post it).

TAKE NO PRISONERS (we don't have space for prisoners … particularly at the moment while I'm hemmed in by a Guitar Amplifier & Speaker Cabinet)