Subject: Fwd: I'll be based in England for August and September.
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Date: 23/6/13 11:09 pm
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From Lloyd Pye:

Note what he says about bringing a copy of the Skull with him. The original copy was quite dramatic (even down to the colouring, size, shape, detail & weight).

BTW: It's beginning to look ... from the latest DNA Analysis ... as though BOTH "Dad" & "Mum" were alien ... as opposed to "Mum" being human, and "Dad" being alien.


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Subject: I'll be based in England for August and September.
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2013 22:39:37 +0100
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I have purchased my ticket to be based in Highgate, London, for all of August and September. I was there for the end of August last year and all of September, so the same basic circumstances will be in place, with a few important changes.


The most important is that I’ve added a new area of interest to the work I do. Now I am writing a new eBook about Ancient History that I hope to have completed by my departure from here at the end of July. I think it will be sensational, and some of the first presentations that I do with that material will be in Europe while I’m there. And this is in addition to the material I already can discuss regarding the Starchild Skull, Intervention Theory, and Hominoids (bigfoot, yeti, etc.).


The new material is about ancient canals and harbors, which I find fascinating and compelling. I’ve been involved with the primary researcher in this field, John Jensen, for the past four years, and the eBook I’m working on will be done as a co-author with him. I am delighted with this collaboration, and feel it will, in its own way, have an impact on the history of our past every bit as much as the Starchild Skull will have an impact on our future.


Please help me spread this news to people who organize and handle lectures in England and in Europe. I will be there for 8 weeks, which provides time for 8-12 lectures (assuming most are on weekends, as they usually are). I can speak about any of the four subjects mentioned above, and I will bring with me the very highly precise stereolithographic copy of the Starchild Skull so everyone who attends a lecture will be able to see it and hold it for themselves. Nothing quite like that experience, short of holding the real one, which stays in a bank vault most of the time.


As always, thank you for your help with this, and I look forward to seeing many of you again!


Lloyd Pye