Subject: The 'word' from the 'street' ...
From: Veronica
Date: 20/6/13 10:46 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

... for your information ... a couple of things I've picked up recently.

1. "Everyone's favourite Member of Parliament" ... John Hemming, MP ... sent out an e-mail which said: "My advice is NOT to go anywhere near the Freeman-on-the-Land Movement".

Whoops-daisy! So ...

(a) John Hemming knows about the Freeman-on-the-Land Movement (that's "knows about"  ... NOT "knows ALL about", of course) ... and

(b) Is shit-scared of it, and

(c) Is - ACTUALLY - (therefore) a complete arsehole.

Those on this list will know how POWERFUL we are.

2. A "Crapita" TV Licence "agent"  arrived on a the doorstep recently, accompanied by a an ignorant thug in the uniform of a Policyman.

We derive from this:

(a) TV Licence Crapitas are finding it hard to operate without the risk of getting beaten up?

(b) Like everything ... this will be a short-lived phenomenon ... AND WILL ONLY OCCUR UNTIL until the Policymen look at their BUDGET (for accompanying Bailiffs & TV Licencing snoopers, etc)

The Policyman was asked what he was doing there. His answer was "Making sure there was no breach of the peace". (This is from where we derive conclusion (a), above)

Unfortunately the Dwellers had been woken up at 8 o'clock ... and were not sufficiently 'awake' such as to make the obvious response ... which was "Well,  YOU and this Crapita guy are breaching our peace, so you should arrest yourselves ... shouldn't you? Crapita is just a company trading at a profit ... just like Tesco's ... would you accompany a Tesco's Till Tart to my doorstep, demanding entry? No you wouldn't ... you'd tell Tesco's that it's none of your business. So ... I ask you again ... why are you here, Constable?".

Anyway ... if refusing TV Licence is your 'bag' ... be prepared.

It won't last long ... these things never do ... they are always "piss & wind" ... the Policymen's Budget won't stretch very far. They are far too busy acting as Tax Collectors on the roads. (As opposed ... of course ... to their REAL job of "fighting crime")

As most know ... I drove buses ... in service ... for 3 1/2 years ... during the late '90s. Occasionally we used to get (what you would call) "Ticket Inspectors". (We called them "Revenues" ... because their official title was "Revenue Collector").

They would only appear occasionally ... AND ALMOST NEVER THE SAME ONE TWICE. Why? Well ... they would get beaten up & would quit the job after a few weeks! (Possibly nursing a black eye). Can you IMAGINE the STUPIDITY of demanding a £5 Penalty Fare from some guy with a cauliflower ear???? Well ... that's the sort of thing they used to do!!!