Subject: More TVL
From: Veronica
Date: 20/6/13 1:01 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

From Mike:

Hi, Veronica.
Please do not throw any rocks.  I have reformed.  However:
For about 5 years (2001-2006) I was a Crapita(TVL) employee and I was very good at it (I played their system to my advantage).  Using MY strategies I saw my bonus (incentive) rise @ £100 pcm.  Got a management job in 10 months.  The average bonus was £58.

In about 2005/2006 the word came from The Management that EVERYBODY had to produce not less than one (preferably two) applications for search warrants per month.  If this could NOT be done, Crapita(TVL) was in danger of losing the facility all together.  In ALL of my time with them, there was not one time when I could have completed an application for a search warrant in accordance with their rules.

Here are the 'rules':
1.  If a TV cannot be seen but there are at least TWO pieces of evidence (TV listings magazine/remote control/aerial/satellite dish) then a search warrant may be applied for.
2.  ONLY sight of TWO indicators are required.  Hearing a TV is not enough.
3.  If a TV is seen, no application for a warrant will be issued.

My favourite doorstep incident was at the time of a five nations rugby match.  A knock on the door brought four guys in rugby shirts with cans of lager/beer to the door.  I could hear the commentry on the match in the background.  I said:
"Do you live here?"
First guy said:
"No.  We're the babysitter."
I laughed and walked away.

You wrote:
"...(a) TV Licence Crapitas are finding it hard to operate without the risk of getting beaten up?...)

I say:
THE reason that Crapita employees are accompanied by policymen is the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE).  NO crapita employee has the right to enter anyone's home.  Only a policyman with a warrant may do that. When visiting the sheeple.
P.S.  I also drove buses for a couple of years.
P.P.S.  Please re-distribute any info from this as you see fit.

I say: Only a Policyman with a LAWFUL WARRANT may enter someone's home.

And a LAWFUL WARRANT is based on:

1 An Affidavit SIGNED CLEARLY ... wet ink ... NAME CLEARLY PRINTED AS WELL ... signed & sworn under penalty of perjury. ... OR ...

2. A Warrant based on the Verdict of a Jury.

Here are the rules for Cops:

A. Warrants based on evidence collected & collated:

1. If EVIDENCE SUGGESTS there is a wanted person on the premises.
2. If EVIDENCE SUGGESTS there is stolen property on the premises.
3. If EVIDENCE SUGGESTS there are illicit drugs on the premises.

B. No Warrant required in the case of:

1. Hot pursuit ... where they see someone - they are chasing - dive into some premises.
2. Reason to suspect that the life or limb of someone on the premises may be in danger (i.e. sound of someone being strangled, beaten up ... or a cry for help).

Note: The "Lack of a TV Licence" is NOT in that list!

(Any more. btw, than the "Lack of Road Tax, MOT or Car Insurance" is on that list!)

Consequently: Attending with a Bayleaf or Crapita Agent IMMEDIATELY CONSTITUTES A BREACH OF THE HOUSEHOLDER'S PEACE.

That's The Law ... the Law-of-the-Land ... The Common Law ... because "An Englishman's home is his Castle".